‘All hell broke loose’ for Philadelphia restaurants in World Series food fiasco

When the Houston Astros arrived in Philadelphia for Game 3 of the World Series, some local restaurants faced backlash and bomb threats over rumors of “refusal” to feed the opposing team.

Mike’s BBQ and Angelo’s Pizza, two popular South Philly businesses that often supply food to the city’s pro teams, even engaged in social media posts joking about not hosting the opposing team.

Danny DiGiampietro, the owner of Angelo’s Pizzeria on 9th Street, told the Post that Houston fans made jokes at his restaurant nonstop — some hecklers even found his license plate and home address to share in line.

On Tuesday, an individual claiming to be a cousin of an Angelo staffer tweeted that Astros fans “threatens to bomb his store.” They explained that the pizzeria closes at 7 p.m. and did not want to make food during the game.

However, there is more to the story.

“Right after the Phillies beat the Padres [in Game 5 to win the NLCS]the Astros contacted our work email to request a restoration after Game 3 [of the World Series on Tuesday]“said DiGiampietro. “I let him know we couldn’t do it…Darling wife, she was very complimentary and they wanted 10 pizzas.”

Angelo’s Pizza in South Philadelphia.
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DiGiampietro said Angelo’s was unable to meet the Astros’ postgame demand due to the closure of the business, as well as higher demand for orders, with the World Series at Philadelphia.

“We have no problem cooking for anyone. The problem was that it was so late,” he said. “I have to be here at 3 or 4 in the morning to bake all the bread. There was just no way, so it didn’t work.

“People tell me there are stories that we left the Astros underpowered and all that, and that wasn’t the case at all. There was no evil intent behind it and there was no ill will.

DiGiampietro – who also runs the Angelo’s Pizza Instagram account – said “all hell broke loose” on Tuesday, after posting an Instagram Story video, saying: “If you think I would cook for the Astros, you’re crazy. We told them no.”

At the time, he was dropping off sandwiches at Citizen’s Bank Park for the Phillies.

In a separate post, DiGiampietro reposted a story from Phillies team manager Keith Rudolf showing a party platter of Angelo’s hoagies for the Phillies ahead of Game 3.

“There are TikTok challenges to throw cheesesteaks in my face, you get $250… Girls [working at Angelos] were saying people with southern accents were calling the phones, telling us to ‘eat shit’ and order pizza,” DiGiampietro said. “It became all that, and then it got picked up by the media.”

DiGiampietro made it clear that his explanation is no excuse for Astros fans for not hosting the team after hours.

“I’m not apologizing because the Phillies are my team and if they wanted food at 11 p.m. there’s a 100% guarantee I would have it. It’s my team, they are my people,” he said. “But to completely get out of our way, I didn’t sleep… there was just no way to do it.

“We didn’t take an order from them and say no. The lady was a real darling and I was a gentleman to her as I am to anyone. We had a bunch of Astros fans come in and we had nothing but fun with them. We don’t want problems with anyone.

On Wednesday, DiGiampietro also shared a series of Instagram Story videos addressing the situation.

“Here’s what I’ll say about it… to keep people here until 11 p.m. when we close at 7 p.m. and most of the time we never have product after 6 p.m. and we don’t deliver not,” DiGiampietro said in the clip. “For example, the Eagles are getting food today, right, like they do on every road trip. Do we deliver it to them? [No]. They come for it and that’s way more than 10 f-king pizzas isn’t it – and that doesn’t make a World Series game at 11:30 at night.

Citizens Bank Park during the singing of the National Anthem prior to Game 3 of the 2022 World Series between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday November 1, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Citizens Bank Park during the singing of the National Anthem prior to Game 3 of the 2022 World Series between the Astros and the Phillies on November 1, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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“If we’re open during business hours and we can accommodate, we don’t care who you are… I appreciate that, I think it’s funny.” They’re tearing me apart in Houston, apparently laughing at me. They’re two fanbases having a little fun during a hotly contested all-marbles series.

As for Mike’s barbecue? They told the Post that they did not refuse to serve the Astros.

In a text exchange obtained by The Post, showing a conversation between Mike’s BBQ and Astros dietitian Lisa Clarke, the team requested a catered meal with Latin cuisine.

The text messages show that Clarke had contacted the wrong restaurant, intending to reach a “Venezuelan location”.

In the messages, Clarke even appears to be calling Mike by the wrong name and references an earlier conversation with a man named Kevin, who apparently gave her the wrong number.

“No. Sorry, go back to Kevin or Keith,” Mike replied, adding, “He made a mistake. Go back and get the right number. Have a nice day.”

On Tuesday, Mike’s BBQ took to Instagram to share his side of the story, explaining that while they’re “diehard” Philly fans, they “don’t refuse to serve anyone.”

A text exchange between Mike's BBQ in Philadelphia and Houston Astros dietician Lisa Clarke.

A text exchange between Mike’s BBQ in Philadelphia and Houston Astros dietician Lisa Clarke.

A text exchange between Mike's BBQ in Philadelphia and Houston Astros dietitian Lisa Clarke.

A text exchange between Mike’s BBQ in Philadelphia and Houston Astros dietitian Lisa Clarke.

A text exchange between Mike's BBQ in Philadelphia and an anonymous chef.

A text exchange between Mike’s BBQ in Philadelphia and an anonymous chef.

Mike’s BBQ told the Post that they’ve even served other teams on several occasions, including the Braves and Mets.

Mike’s BBQ has come under fire for posting a text exchange with a chef friend joking about ‘not feeding [the Astros]”, after the team reached out.

“This was a funny post because the Astros contacted the wrong restaurant,” Mike’s BBQ wrote on Instagram. “We helped them contact the right one. Both parties on this text knew it. It was very funny to say that we weren’t going to feed them. Which we couldn’t anyway. We do not do Latin cuisine. We were also not open on those days. It was their wish.

Mike's BBQ in South Philadelphia.
Mike’s BBQ in South Philadelphia.
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“Every team should have the opportunity to try local cuisine or the cuisine of their choice while on the road. I’m glad it fired up Philadelphia fans. I thought that would be a lot of fun. However, I don’t want people to think that we refuse to feed anyone. This is really not the case. We donated thousands of dollars worth of just food during the pandemic to anyone who needed it. And even ball players need to eat! Hope this clarifies that. Cheers! And of course ! Come on Phillies!!!”

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