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All celebrities replace Chris Harrison in Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison will not pack her swimsuit for another season of Baccalaureate in paradise, but luckily the show has to go on and these celebrities are more than happy to make it to the beach.

This year, the hospitality duties will be divided among the stars which include Lil jon, David spade, Tituss Burgess and Bass Lance, a spokesperson for the show confirmed to E! New. And there may also be celebrities who have yet to be announced making the trip to Heaven.

While the rotating host list is certainly a fun new twist, Baccalaureate in paradise is also looking for a more permanent replacement.

Harrison has announced his official departure from The single person franchise on June 8, months after his controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay in which he defended Matt james‘now-girlfriend Rachel kirkconnell2018 participation in a pre-war themed evening.

Lindsay pointed out that if she, a black woman and the first black leader of The bachelorette, attended this Old South event – which many say glorifies the institution of slavery – it would have represented something very different from Kirkconnell. Harrison, however, said it was just one example of the “police awake” coming in for a girl who made a bad judgment.

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