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All about the new sports coming to the Tokyo Olympics

Meet American Olympic surfers competing at the Tokyo 2020 Games

Get ready for a whole new wave of must-see sporting events.

With the 2020 Olympics kicking off just days away, fans can’t wait to witness longtime favorites like gymnastics, swimming and track and field.

But as the U.S. team arrives in Japan on a mission to win gold, a few new sports are coming in that promise to grab the attention of new and old fans. One event that is already creating a buzz is skateboarding.

At 24, Mariah duran will make his Olympic Games debut alongside his teammates Alana smith and Alexis Sabloné. The chance to compete in her favorite sport is an opportunity she doesn’t take lightly.

“It’s different, it’s new and I can only relate to the first time I saw skateboarding in my neighborhood and I was so fascinated with the way they did it”, said Mariah exclusively to E! News while supporting Always’s #KeepHerPlaying campaign. “It’s not really the easiest thing to tackle. It’s pretty dangerous. But, you know, you can go as far as you want and I feel like that’s the beautiful thing about it. skate.”

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