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All About Rachel Bradshaw’s HOTWORX Fitness Routine

Rachel even takes Terry for a private sauna session, and Terry joked that he was open to any workout “as long as it doesn’t stink!”

Today Rachel is a HOTWORX Brand Ambassador and shares her story of how isometric workouts helped heal from her surgery to combat her natural severe scoliosis.

“I had a major spinal fusion operation about four years ago. I have two titanium rods and forty screws in my back, and I was trying to build my back and heal,” Rachel said in exclusive to E! New. “I just couldn’t figure out a workout. When you have gear, you can’t run, you can’t lift weights, you’re so limited. I kind of gave up. defeated: “How am I going to stay fit the rest of my life? I have to stay healthy. ‘ I found HOTWORX in Dallas and I was like, ‘This is the coolest!’ ”

From 30-minute workouts like Hot Yoga and Hot Barre None, to 15-minute High Intensity Interval (HIIT) workouts like Hot Cycle and Hot Blast, HOTWORX has revolutionized Rachel’s fitness routine. .