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Rocker Alice Cooper described: “gender affirmation“medical procedures for children as”fashion” in an interview with Stereogum magazine on Wednesday, drawing criticism from Billboard and other established outlets.

Cooper, whose onstage look includes theatrical costumes, long hair and lots of eyeliner, admitted that “there are cases of transgender“, but maintained that it was”also a fashion,” with “many people pretend to be this just because they want to be that.»

He criticized adults who he said were planting this idea in children’s heads and confusing them at a vulnerable moment, explaining: “You’re still trying to find your identity, and yet there’s this thing happening that says, “Yes, but you can be anything you want.” You can be a cat if you want.»

Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Furnier, followed up with a broader jab about “all this, I woke up“, wondering who was “set the rules» which imposed politically correct neologisms on the English-speaking population.

Is there a building somewhere in New York where people sit every day and say, “OK, we can’t say ‘mother’ now.” We must say “person who gives birth”. “Broadcast this on the feed right away”? Who is this person who makes these rules?” he asked, describing the phenomenon as absurd “comedy.”

As the interviewer mentioned other glam rockers who had spoken out on the trans issue and then ate their words after public backlash, Cooper insisted he wasn’t “old school» in his views but simply “logic”, arguing that his opinions were those of the vast majority.

The 75-year-old rock star said biological males identifying as female could pose a threat to women and girls in public restrooms, saying a predator could “just say “I feel like a woman today” and have the time of your life in there.»

Someone is going to get raped“, he warned. Transgender activists have tried to downplay such incidents, and one Virginia school district even transferred a supposedly gender-nonconforming student who assaulted a girl in a bathroom to another school — only to do it again.

Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley came under fire earlier this year for his comments about “dangerous fashion» gender-affirming care for children.

When Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider retweeted these comments, he was similarly attacked and even had his invitation to march as grand marshal in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade withdrawn due to his alleged transphobia, although he insisted he supports the community.

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