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Alias ​​“El Zorro” fell in Apulo, Cundinamarca: he trafficked weapons for an international network

Zorro was captured in Apulo, in his residence he had a military arsenal – credit Police

In an international operation that included the participation of the Tax and Customs Police, and the National Security Investigations Agency of the United States He was captured in Apulo (Cundinamarca) Fernando Forero, alias Zorro, an arms trafficker who was part of a transnational network and supplied modern arsenals to organized criminal groups in the center of the country.

According to the authorities, Zorro offered weapons through a catalog to criminals, imported parts and weapons from the United States and in Colombia had a workshop to assemble them and then distribute them throughout the country.

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“This has led us to carry out an articulated strategy with the United States government, however A large part of these weapons and accessories enter from that country“said Colonel Giovanny Puentes Aguilar, director of the Tax and Customs Police, to Snail Radio.

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