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Algerian Minister of Labor calls France “traditional and eternal enemy” of Algeria – RT en français

Algerian Minister of Labor Hachemi Djaaboub referred to France by qualifying it as “a traditional and eternal enemy” of Algeria. On the same day, Paris announced the postponement of a visit by French Prime Minister Jean Castex to Algiers.

On April 8, Algerian Minister of Labor and Social Security Hachemi Djaaboub described France as “a traditional and eternal enemy” of Algeria. Comments against the bilateral warming initiated by Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and which precede the announcement of the postponement of a visit by French Prime Minister Jean Castex to Algiers.

As reported by the Algerian news site TSA, the remarks were made during an oral questioning session at the Council of the Nation (the equivalent of the Algerian Senate). Asked about the deficit of the National Pension Fund, Hachemi Djaâboub replied in these terms: “Regarding the deficit of the CNR, I would like to say that all the pension funds in the world are suffering. I can give some figures that we can check on the internet, our traditional and eternal enemy, France, has a deficit of 44.4 billion euros in its pension fund. “

At the time of these words, a large French military delegation – led by the Chief of Staff of the French Armies, Army General François Lecointre – was visiting Algeria as part of military cooperation between the two. country. A few days earlier, on April 5, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune congratulated himself on the “level of good relations” between France and Algeria, as TSA reminds us.

On the French side, a visit by Prime Minister Jean Castex to Algiers – scheduled for April 11 and perceived as a sign of warming between the two countries – has been postponed sine die that same April 8. This postponement was officially decided for health reasons but, according to sources familiar with the matter cited by AFP, it would be diplomatic reasons. The format of the delegation would not have been “up to par” according to Algiers, said a French source with knowledge of the case. “The visit was reduced to one day and the delegation to four ministers. It is a sub-format whereas there were a lot of bilateral files to study ”, confirmed an Algerian source to the French press agency.

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