Alberto Fernández’s failed defense of Cristina Kirchner: comparing prosecutor Luciani with Nisman

The failed defense of Alberto Fernández to Cristina Kirchner

“Nisman committed suicide, I hope that prosecutor Luciani does not do something like that”.

The phrase, shocking and loaded with meanings, was pronounced last night by Alberto Fernández on television and generated a massive and immediate political impact. The president said it while trying to defend Cristina Kirchner from the accusation of corruption that this judicial official made in his plea prior to the request for 12 years in prison for illicit association and fraud against the State.

saying victim “There is no restraint that goes well”, the head of state ended up stumbling again with his conviction that -when they leave him- he communicates well. He was surprised by his decision to go to the studios of the main political program of TN, Two Voices, to defend the Vice President from the serious accusation in the case that has her on the bench along with José López, Lázaro Báez and others. In that critical signal from the Government, Alberto Fernández decided to go with the spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti to brand himself with Christianity.

But the unhappy comparison made by the president between the prosecutor who now accuses the vice president and the one who accused her seven years ago -and appeared dead from a shot to the head in the bathroom of his apartment in Puerto Madero- it displaced the arguments that it raised to separate it from the supposed direction of the public works of Santa Cruz. That intimidating phrase was not the only controversy -although it was the one with the greatest impact- that Alberto Fernández’s fateful night had.

Alberto Fernández tried to defend Cristina Kirchner. (Reuters Photo)

The president had gone to the studios of Todo Noticias with the manifest objective of putting himself at the forefront of the defense of the Vice President, with criticism of the action of federal prosecutors Luciani and Sergio Mola and the confirmation that he was going to summon the PJ to lead the march in defense of CFK and against Justice. However, the sentence that ended up generating the strongest impact had to do with the reference to Nisman.

The journalists Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano asked him about the decision that the Supreme Court had taken to reinforce the security of the judicial officials who intervened in the Vialidad case and to this, Alberto Fernández replied:

Really, to encourage that what happened to Nisman could happen to prosecutor Luciani… look up here, what happened to prosecutor Nisman is that he committed suicide. So far nothing else has been tried. I hope not… that prosecutor Luciani does not do something like that”.

After these statements, the Association of Prosecutors and Officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation expressed in a statement its emphatic repudiation and demanded that it respect article 109 of the National Constitution, which establishes that in no case can the President of the Nation exercise functions judicial proceedings, claim knowledge of pending cases or restore those that have expired.

For the entity headed by Carlos Rívolo, Alberto Fernández “has a deep ignorance of the case in which the murder of Attorney General Alberto Natalio Nisman is being investigated; but also, by drawing a parallelism between the aforementioned and the attorney general Diego Luciani, his statements have an unpleasant and reckless content towards an official who has only fulfilled his assigned task by article 120 of the National Constitution that establishes the independence and autonomy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office”.

Specifically, the last definition that the Justice gave on the Nisman case was in charge of the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber, which assured that the prosecutor of the AMIA case was assassinated in the framework of his functions. According to the journalistic report published on the seventh anniversary, the case has five defendants: the main one is Diego Lagomarsinothe computer technician who was accused of having been a necessary participant in the crime because his gun was used to kill Nisman; and the rest are the four trustees -Rubén Benítez, Néstor Durán, Luis Miño and Armando Niz- that they had to protect that weekend prior to appearing before Congress to explain their complaint against the Vice President.

strong political backlash

The opposition forcefully rejected the president’s statements and anticipated, in the voice of the president of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro, the filing of a complaint for “instigation to suicide and threat of mafia murder.” as far as he could tell Infobaethe national deputy discussed the intimidating phrase with Elisa Carrió.

The president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, also condemned the statements by assuring in a message posted on Twitter: “NOOO! You can’t say that, president. Are you aware of the seriousness of your statements?

From the Interbloc of Senators of Together for Change, chaired by Alfredo Cornejo, they expressed that the President’s words “are threatening, provocative and out of place” and warned that “not even public apologies can repair the seriousness of the statements he made in the TN news channel. “A President should set the example, lead the decisions of a country, but we Argentines only have a spokesperson who is addicted to his vice president and her legal problems,” they added.

“The President of the Nation has just said on television that he hopes that the prosecutor who alleged against the Vice President does not commit suicide. It sounded like a mafia message to intimidate Justice. He exceeded all limits. He destroyed the value of the presidential word. Reprehensible”, affirmed the president of the UCR block of Deputies, Mario Negri.

“President Fernández’s statements are crazy, he has to be the main guarantor of prosecutor Luciani’s security and he makes a threat on TV. Total repudiation of his words, “said Jorge Macri, while Diego Santilli warned that the president’s words are” very serious. The impunity of Kirchnerism has no limits”.

Meanwhile, Ricardo López Murphy expressed himself harshly: “It is totally irresponsible to suggest that prosecutor Luciani could commit suicide. Nobody expects much from you, Alberto Fernández, but at least refrain from saying nonsense. The libertarian deputy Javier Milei, for his part, retweeted a Twitter message: “Alberto Fernández has just said that he hopes that Luciani does not end up like Nisman. This is very serious”.

bad and worse

Those mentioned were just some of those that, after midnight, sentences that Alberto Fernández said about Luciani and Mola. But the controversy did not end with that phrase: the head of state insisted again with his comparison of the pandemic with the Holocaust.

He reiterated the idea that, although there is no definitive balance of the number of people who died as a result of COVID around the world, estimates speak of between 6 and 10 million. “He took between one and two Holocausts”, he affirmed, equating those who lost their lives due to being infected with a virus to the heinous criminal action of the Nazi machinery that exterminated, mainly, members of the Jewish community.

The DAIA had already conveyed to him last week its discomfort over that comparison: “The systematic slaughter of six million Jews practiced by Nazism cannot and should not be equated with another situation”. Despite that, she repeated it.


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