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Ahead of California recall election, Larry Elder’s website blames loss on voter fraud

Larry Elder. Frédéric J. Brown / AFP via Getty Images

California recall election not held until Tuesday, but website sponsored by Republican candidate Larry Elder is already asking voters to sign petition “demanding” California legislature to investigate “twisted election results Gavin Newsom’s 2021 reminder “.

The website, called Stop CA Fraud, says it is paid for by the Larry Elder Ballot Measure Committee Recall Newsom Committee, which receives significant funding from Elder for Governor 2021. It incorrectly says that officials are “either out of laziness. or by incompetence “allowing” thieves to steal in the middle of the night and cheat our ballot box “, which means that people” can no longer rely on its contents “.

He also claims that “statistical analyzes used to detect fraud in elections held in third world countries (such as Russia, Venezuela and Iran) detected fraud in California, resulting in the reinstatement of Governor Gavin Newsom in as governor “. In addition to signing the petition, website visitors can donate to Elder’s recall efforts.

NBC News reports that the site was registered anonymously in August, and after the Elder campaign was contacted about it Monday afternoon, a warning appeared revealing who is funding the site. In a statement, Elder spokeswoman Ying Ma said, “We should all be concerned about the integrity of the elections and we all want every appropriate vote to be counted. We have provided a link to an external website that allows voters to document irregularities. they meet in this election. She added that the campaign believes “Larry will win on election day.”

Elder is a conservative radio talk show host and the leading Republican candidate in the recall effort. In an interview with NBC News on Monday, he was asked if he would accept Tuesday’s election results. “Let’s all work together to find out if tomorrow’s election is a fair election,” Elder replied. Newsom has a double-digit lead in the most recent polls, which suggests the recall effort will fail.

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