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Agriculture: what the regional candidates are proposing in Brittany – Regional elections

Thierry Burlot (“We Brittany”)

Support and accompany the entire agricultural sector which is in transition. Become the leading agroecological region in Europe. An agricultural Brittany, nurturing and actor of a peaceful transition, proud of all its agriculture, its successes. Caricature less and act more!

David Cabas (“Arise Brittany, Arise France”)

Debout La Bretagne is committed to: promoting rurality, promoting Breton products, supporting the transfer of farms, having a real environmental policy. A quality agriculture and agrifood industry are the guarantee of good health for Bretons and French people.

Pierre-Yves Cadalen (“rebellious Brittany”)

We encourage a peasant and ecological agriculture rich in jobs: end of subsidies for intensive breeding, increased aid for installation, cancellation of debt against an ecological and social conversion of farms. The page of the agro-industrial lobby must be turned.

Yves Chauvel (“Brittany as a heritage”)

As part of the Celib 3, which we want to bring in synergy in an ecological model, we work alongside farmers and breeders to support them in reasoned agriculture, combining pride in exercising a good profession, economic efficiency and respect for ecosystems.

Loïg Chesnais-Girard (“Brittany with Loïg”)

We will double the number of agro-ecology farms. We want 1,000 farmer installations per year to keep farms on a human scale. We will create local food loops in all territories. We will supply 100% fresh Breton products to the canteens of our high schools.

Daniel Cueff (“Brittany my life”)

Brittany can become the first agricultural region in Europe engaged in ecological transition. Each agricultural sector has solutions which will be financed within the framework of the Breton indicator of sustainable prosperity which will be co-constructed within seven months of the installation of the regional council.

Claire Desmares-Poirrier (“Brittany of the future”)

Eco-conditionality of aid, strengthening of tools for the installation-transmission of farms, support for the release of pesticides, organic and local collective catering, preservation of agricultural land: so many levers that we will activate for the Breton agricultural transition.

Valérie Hamon (“Workers ‘struggle, making the workers’ camp heard”)

For agriculture that allows small peasants to make a decent living from their work, while respecting the environment, employees and consumers, it is necessary to exit the capitalist market and remove full powers from the agri-food trusts, those in the chemical industry and the big banks.

Isabelle Le Callennec (“Hissons high Brittany”)

We want a productive, innovative, exporting agriculture that allows fair remuneration for farmers, good nutrition at all stages of life, the preservation of our landscapes. Without efficient agriculture, there will be no sustainable employment in the food industries.

Joannic Martin (“Responsible Brittany”)

Agriculture is a constantly evolving sector. For 20 years, many efforts have been made to reduce the impact on the environment. We must continue to improve and, above all, produce in Brittany, for all Bretons, for all incomes, without resorting to imports.

Gilles Pennelle (“A strong Brittany”)

The Brittany of tomorrow must still be a land of farmers. There cannot be a strong Brittany without strong agriculture. I will protect our land trades from anti-peasant speeches and help them finally make a living from their work, by promoting short circuits and localism.

The long version of the candidates’ proposals is available for consultation via our online program comparator.

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