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After the Iranian blockade, Palestinians prepare for Israeli reaction – POLITICO

“Some Palestinians will say, ‘Finally, someone attacked Israel’ and hope that others will follow,” he added. “But some will be very concerned that the conflict between Israel and Iran will overshadow the attack on the Gaza Strip and bring renewed support to Israel. »

The Iranian attack, a response to an Israeli strike on its embassy in Syria that killed two top military commanders, could have profound implications for Palestinians in a conflict that has already killed more than 30,000 of them and displaced 1 .7 million more.

Israel promised “a meaningful response” to Sunday’s bombing, which saw its Iron Dome air defense system and US warplanes shoot down almost all of the more than 300 incoming projectiles.

The United States pressured Benjamin Netanyahu to hold back in Rafah. | Pool photo by Jacquelyn Martin via AFP/Getty Images

“The Israelis could pocket this amount and try to react at the right time and place,” said Ahron Bregman, professor of war studies at King’s College London. “Or they could listen to those who want to try to make the situation worse and say that now is the time, for example, to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

However, few of Israel’s allies want to see direct attacks on Iranian territory, which Tehran says would trigger fierce retaliation. According to White House spokesman John Kirby, although Israel has the right to respond, “the president has been very clear: we are not seeking war with Iran.” However, behind the scenes, Washington reportedly warned Israel not to further escalate the conflict with a disproportionate reaction against Tehran. But Israel has a wide choice of other Iran-linked targets closer to home that it could target and which are unlikely to have the same consequences.

Hours after the barrage, Israel struck a site deep in neighboring Lebanon that it said was used by Hezbollah, the Tehran-backed paramilitary group that uses the country as a launching pad from which to fire. rockets across the border into Israel. Now, concern is growing that Iran could once again intensify its offensive in Gaza against Iran’s ally Hamas, just as speculation grew that the two sides were looking for a way out. released after six months of brutal conflict.


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