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after having dressed it up as Hitler, the Var displayer disguises Macron as a monarch – RT in French

Michel-Ange Flori, against whom Emmanuel Macron lodged a complaint after he pretended to be Adolf Hitler, in a new montage displayed an image of the head of state disguised as a monarch, renamed “Macon 1st”.

The complaint lodged by Emmanuel Macron will not have discouraged him: Michel-Ange Flori, the Var poster artist at the origin of the caricature of the Head of State in Adolf Hitler recently posted in the south of France, has just created a new poster this time representing the President of the Republic as an 18th century monarch, renamed “Macon 1st” and accompanied by the caption “This is not a montage”.

On his Facebook account, Michel-Ange Flori posted a photo of his new poster, accompanied by this message: “The insignificant Macon 1st seeing the end of his reign approaching and having no solution to the chaotic unfolding of his destiny ends up taking revenge by prosecuting one of his subjects for blasphemy. “

This comment refers to the complaint against Michelangelo Flori filed by Emmanuel Macron for the poster where the head of state was dressed as Adolf Hitler, accompanied by the slogan: “Obey and get vaccinated.” The display had been placed in La Seyne-sur Mer and Toulon during the weekend of July 17 and 18 and an investigation for public insult was then opened on July 20. The display, which risks up to 12,000 euros in fines, is not at its first attempt. He was already sentenced in June 2019 to pay 32,000 euros to BMFTV for having put up 4×3 posters in Toulon showing a visual from May 68 with the following sentence: “The police talk to you every day on BFMTV.”

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