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after AstraZeneca, Denmark also gives up Johnson & Johnson vaccine

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Denmark announced Monday that it will no longer use Johnson & Johnson’s anti-Covid vaccine due to possible serious side effects, despite green lights from the European regulator and the WHO. The country had already decided to abandon the AstraZeneca vaccine for the same reasons.

After AstraZeneca’s anti-covid vaccine, it is on that of Johnson & Johnson that Copenhagen is giving up. The Danish health authority announced in a statement on Monday May 3 that it concluded “that the benefits of using the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine do not outweigh the risk of causing a possible side effect, VITT (a very rare type of thrombosis associated with the injection of serum), in people who receive the vaccine “.

However, the European regulator and the World Health Organization (WHO) had both given the green light to the use of this single-dose viral vector vaccine within the European Union.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced on April 20 that the blood clots identified in the United States should be listed as “very rare” side effects of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Covid-19, while estimating that the benefits the carry[ai]ent about the risks.

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