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after accusation against Paris councilor, alleged victims testify – RT en français

After the rape accusation launched on Twitter by a young man against a PCF adviser in Paris, the hashtag #MeTooGay has grown very quickly on social networks.

A few days after the wave of chilling testimonies of men and women under the hashtag #MetooInceste in the wake of the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book, La familia grande, where the young woman evokes the alleged rape of her little brother by Olivier Duhamel, it is the hashtag #MetooGay which has risen since January 21 among the most used keywords on the social network Twitter.

The hashtag was launched shortly after accusations on Twitter of a young man who mentions what he claims to be rape by Paris adviser Maxime Cochard, elected from the 14th century and member of the Communist Party, as well as his companion .

“I consider that they took advantage of my youth, of my naivety, of the fact that due to family problems I did not really have a place to sleep, of their responsibilities within the PCF to have sex. agreed with me ”, writes the Internet user with the pseudonym“ Prunille ”, noting however not to have decided“ of the follow-up to be given ”.

An accusation denied shortly after by Maxime Cochard with a press release, also published on Twitter, in which he denounces “a totally false accusation” before adding a judicial follow-up to this case: “Given the seriousness of such remarks and of their slanderous nature, I instructed my lawyer to immediately take legal action for libel ”. The PCF nevertheless asked him to withdraw from political life.

Many accusations

Shortly after this rape accusation, many Internet users also disclosed on social networks that they had been raped by people of the same sex using the hashtag #MetooGay. Clément Pouré, journalist for Mediapart, for example reported having been raped at 12 years old “by [s]one older German correspondent. ” The young man then adds: “My parents always believed me. Justice took years to recognize what I had suffered. ”

Another Internet user evokes his rape after “a student party” and concludes by declaring: “It was neither the first nor the last assault.”

This other man who describes himself as a “lyric singer” writes: “I was 14 and he was 29. He was my mother’s best friend and my piano teacher. Since then it has affected all my human and romantic relationships. “

They are also numerous to lend their support to this liberation of the word like this journalist who writes, admiringly: “It takes courage to testify.”

David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris, reacted to support the movement, which he described as a means of combating “patriarchal violence” after having affirmed: “The liberation of the word is an act of great courage, and it is if necessary. “

On the morning of January 22, nearly 3,500 tweets had been written with the hashtag #MeTooGay.

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