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Adorable Husky guard dog sleeps through an armed robbery in a jewelry store in Thailand

Adorable female husky went viral on Thai social media after her owner posted CCTV footage of the sleeping dog as the local police department held an ‘armed robbery’ training exercise at her jewelry store during the week last. Worawut Lomwanawong told Bored Panda that his town’s police department chose his store as a case study for a security test on how to react to an armed thief entering his store to steal his jewelry. The thief in this exercise was an undercover police officer.

Lucky was sleeping outside the store when a “gun thief” carrying a fake gun approached the counter and demanded money, viral surveillance footage shows. Seconds later, Worawut handed the thief a bag of money and left with it. Throughout the ordeal, Lucky always slept soundly near the entrance. “The armed robbery in this video involves a policeman my dog ​​Lucky already knew; maybe that’s why he didn’t do anything, ” Worawut said. “I found it very funny that he didn’t even try to do anything and continued to sleep. When I posted the video to Lucky’s page, I had no idea it would go viral. It’s amazing to see this in just 3 days, the video has recorded over a million views. “ Worawut later explained that the officer visited his store daily as part of the local police department’s patrol routine. Although Lucky chose to sleep during this mock incident, her owner believes she would take action when a real theft occurred in her store. “To be honest, yes, in my opinion, I think she understands human language,” he said. “She is mostly active and very docile if I make noise or ask her to do something. In the CCTV camera you could clearly see that I couldn’t make a noise to signal my dog ​​as it was not a real situation and I had to keep my calm. Lucky was a stray dog ​​before Worawut took him away seven years ago. She was pregnant and in poor health when her owner adopted her from the street. Worawut took her to a veterinarian to treat her tick-borne disease and granuloma venereal. However, the doctor could not give her the medicine or it would affect her pregnancy.

But the doctor was able to treat Lucky for his illnesses. Worawut named her Lucky because she had a difficult life on the streets, and he “Wanted to start a new life full of luck.”

Although Lucky considers the Worawut store to be her first home, the dog also spends time at a convenience store near her store where she was found.

Worawut never expected the surveillance footage to go viral when he uploaded it to the Facebook fan page he created for Lucky.

“In my opinion, I never thought this music video could go viral because I just uploaded it to my Facebook fan page without expecting anything,” he said. “Although I have to admit it was like a dream when it went viral a day later and many people on the internet started sharing the music video.” Featured Image via นุง ลัคกี้ ไซ บิ เรียน เซิ น เจิ้ น (left, screenshot), Lovely Fake Dog (right)

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