Adele claps back at concert attendee who appeared to make an anti- Pride Month comment

Adele addressed an audience member who appeared to shout an anti-Pride comment during her show on Saturday, calling them “ridiculous.”

But on Monday, fans on social media, some of whom claimed to be at the show, said the artist may have misheard the attendee’s remark.

Videos of the 16-time Grammy winner during her Las Vegas residency circulated on social media on Sunday. Some initially praised her for responding to someone who seemed to say “Pride sucks!” Others pointed out that she responded quickly without clearly hearing what the participant had said.

“Did you come to my fucking show and just say Pride sucks? Are you stupid ? Don’t be so ridiculous,” the singer is heard saying in the videos. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, just shut up, okay?”

A spokesperson for Adele did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Saturday was the first day of Pride Month, dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ community. It is often associated with parades and parties, as well as political rallies and marches to protest ongoing issues of inequity.

The iconic pop-soul singer has had no qualms about addressing public behavior in the past. In July last year, Adele challenged her fans to “throw something” at her while tackling a disturbing trend of fans throwing objects at artists while they perform – hitting them and often hurting them.

“Have you noticed how people forget show etiquette in America? They just throw bullshit on stage. Did you see that?’” she asked the audience while pacing the stage.

Adele also expressed her desire to protect audience members during her shows. In August, she interrupted a show to blame venue security for “disturbing” a fan.

“Weekends With Adele,” held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, is the 36-year-old English singer’s first concert residency. It started in November 2022 and is expected to end in November this year.

Earlier this year, Adele postponed a series of residency dates on medical advice due to a recurring health issue, having also delayed the start of the residency to 2022 due to Covid-19 hurdles.

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