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Adele announces release date for new album


The singer took to social media on Wednesday to tell fans that the new album, “30,” will be released on November 19.

“I was definitely a far cry from what I had hoped to be when I started almost 3 years ago,” the singer wrote. “Quite the contrary in fact. I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe, I always have. And yet… there I was knowingly – intentionally even, throwing myself into a maze of absolute disorder and internal disturbances! “

She continued, “I learned a lot of home truths about myself along the way. I lost a lot of diapers, but I also got wrapped up in new ones. I discovered some genuinely helpful mindsets. and healthy to conduct with, and I feel like, “I finally got my feelings back. I would go so far as to say that I have never felt so peaceful in my life. “

She signed off with, “Home is where the heart is x.”

The new album is Adele’s first since 2015.

The album’s first single, “Easy On Me”, will be released on Friday.