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WWE official Adam Pearce believes Brock Lesnar complimented him when the Beast gave his name to a moose.

Pearce, a former five-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, appeared on The WWE Hump this week. There, he discussed his role in making big name matches, the upcoming Royal Rumble event, and his run-ins with the Beast Incarnate.

In one highlight, Pearce recalled how, on a recent episode of SmackDown, Lesnar approached him and revealed he was hunting a moose and named him after the WWE official.

“My friend Brock,” Pearce said. “(…) I think about that moment when you are against the wall and you look in the eyes the Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar, who has just told you that he killed, skinned and emptied, the entrails weighed very similar to the body weight I carry today and he named this moose for me. “

Thinking back on that incident, Pearce joked that he took the comment as a compliment as he noted that no one else had a moose named after them.

“I want the moose, I want it hung on my office wall,” Pearce continued. “I think there’s a good place for that here. But yeah, I don’t think I know anyone on planet Earth who has had a moose named after him. So I’ll take that as a compliment and then get as far away from her as I can. “

Brock Lesnar to take on Bobby Lashley at WWE Royal Rumble

The hunter has become the hunted, since Brock Lesnar is in Bobby Lashley’s sights. The All Mighty will challenge The Beast Incarnate for the WWE Championship at WWE Royal Rumble. So far, the two titans have never crossed paths in singles competition during their time at the company.

The wrestling world is already in turmoil over this dream match, and fight construction officially started on RAW last week. Lesnar and Lashley had a heated verbal confrontation, and the champion made a few jokes at the expense of his challenger. Fans can expect to see the two stars continue to heat up this contest in the weeks to come.

What do you think of Pearce’s comments? Can’t wait to see Lashley take on Lesnar? Ring below.

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Adam Pearce on working with Brock Lesnar

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