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Adam Deacon says he fell victim to accused director

Deacon and Mr. Clarke are both previous recipients of the Bafta’s Rising Star award

Actor Adam Deacon has said he supports women who have accused Noel Clarke of sexual harassment, saying his former co-star sabotaged his career.

Deacon claimed to have been Mr Clarke’s ‘victim’ for 15 years and said his mental health suffered as a result.

Mr Clarke has “vehemently” denied any sexual or criminal wrongdoing after 20 women came forward to accuse him.

Deacon appeared with Mr. Clarke in 2006 Kidulthood and his 2008 follow-up Adulthood, which Mr. Clarke also directed.

The couple fell out in 2010 over a parody movie Deacon wanted to make called Anuvahood, which was made and released the following year.

In 2015, Deacon was convicted of non-violent harassment after sending abusive messages to Mr Clarke on social media.

Last week Mr Clarke, 45, was suspended by the Bafta after numerous allegations of sexual harassment were published in The Guardian.

Adam Deacon says he fell victim to accused director

Mr Clarke was suspended by Bafta last week after allegations were published by The Guardian

La Bafta also suspended the outstanding British contribution to the film prize it awarded to the actor and filmmaker on April 10.

As a result of the allegations, Met police confirmed they had received a report from a third party regarding allegations of male sexual offenses.

The allegations also led ITV to withdraw the latest episode of its crime drama Viewpoint, in which Mr. Clarke starred.

Write on Twitter, Deacon said he believed “every word” Mr. Clarke’s accusers said about their allegedly “heartbreaking” experiences.

The 38-year-old said he had denounced Mr Clarke’s “sociopathic” behavior on several occasions, only to have his claims dismissed.

“I just wish everyone had paid more attention to my words,” he continued, saying it could have put an end to Mr. Clarke’s “horrible abuse of power”.

He said the events of last week had served as a “little justification” and that he was “now looking for a fresh start”.

Mr. Clarke is known for playing Mickey Smith in Doctor Who from 2005-2010 and for his work in the crime drama Sky Bulletproof.

Sky said last week that it had ended Mr Clarke’s involvement in one of his future productions, including the planned fourth series of Bulletproof.

Mr Clarke said he was “deeply sorry” for some of his actions while continuing to deny any sexual misconduct or foul play.

He said he would seek professional help “to educate me and change for the better.”

Both Mr. Clarke and Deacon are previous recipients of Bafta’s Rising Star Award, having received the honor in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

The BBC has contacted Mr Clarke for comment.

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