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Action 13: Widow gets help from Harris Co. Appraisal District after husband fails to hear while in a coma


HARRIS COUNTY, TX (KTRK) – Like many of us, Amanda Cantley’s yard needs a cleanup after Hurricane Nicholas, but the person who often handled such tasks is no longer there for the to do.

“When that storm passed, I was scared,” Amanda recalled Wednesday in an interview with Adam Winkler from ABC13. ” I was alone. He was our protector.

Amanda is now a widow.

Her husband Blake passed away a month ago. He was 39 years old. The children he leaves behind are seven and five years old.

“I’m heartbroken. He was my husband and my best friend, and our kids are so young,” Amanda said. “We are trying to organize ourselves. My husband has taken care of a lot of things.”

Among his tasks: managing disputes relating to the land value of the family home in the Lakeside Forest subdivision near Memorial.

Amanda said Blake missed an assessment review board hearing because he was on a ventilator in a medical coma.

Without a hearing, the home’s value increased by $ 250,000, putting her and her children at risk of losing their home.

“Our neighbors have become an extended family to us,” said Amanda. “So we would lose our home or our community on top of that would be devastating.”

Amanda showed ABC13 the correspondence she sent to the Harris County Assessment Review Board requesting that the hearing be postponed.

A request she learned via a letter dated September 8 was not accepted.

“I understand that there are policies and rules in place, but I think we’re all still human,” Amanda said. “If someone cannot physically attend a meeting because they are so ill that they are hospitalized in intensive care, I think exceptions should be made.”

In this case, exceptions will be made.

Action 13 brought Amanda’s issue to the Harris County Assessment District.

Communications director Jack Barnett said the taxpayer liaison officer, who was only aware of the situation on Wednesday morning, will work with Amanda to schedule a new hearing, if necessary.

“We certainly don’t want to cause her any additional problems given what she’s been through before,” Barnett told ABC13. “We try to resolve any issues in advance by having one of our senior residential assessors review the account to see if anything can be resolved so they don’t even have to make it to this. new hearing. “

It’s a welcome resolution for a family trying to pick up the pieces and weather the storm.

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