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Accuser calls Kevin Spacey a ‘predator’ in sexual assault trial — RT Games & Culture

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Actor Kevin Spacey, 63, a two-time Oscar winner, is a “slippery, serpentine, difficult person” and one “predator,” according to the account of one of his alleged victims who testified Monday in a London court during the sexual assault trial of the Hollywood star.

Jurors at Southwark Crown Court were shown footage of a police interview with a man, a driver who often transported the actor, who claims he was assaulted more than ten times by Spacey.

“He caught me in private areas and then tried to put his hands on him,” the driver, who is one of four men who accused Spacey of committing sexual assaults in the United Kingdom between 2001 and 2013, told police. British law requires that the identities of Spacey’s accusers not be not disclosed.

The driver further alleged that Spacey frequently attempted to assault him. “whenever we were alone.” On one occasion, he said Spacey grabbed him in the crotch so aggressively that he almost grabbed him. “left the road” while driving.

The accuser also told police that Spacey called her refusal to engage in sexual activity with him a “to light up,” and that he would laugh or change the subject when confronted. He also described his belief that Spacey was “aggressive” and one “predator” towards him.

On Friday, the prosecution called Spacey a “sexual bully” which had “abused of power and influence” of his fame.

Spacey has denied 12 charges against him, including three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault and one count of inciting a person to engage in sexual activity without their consent. He likely faces prison time if convicted of the charges against him, but he recently told a German magazine that he hoped to receive film and television offers. “at the time I am cleared of these charges.”

The actor spent many periods in the UK as manager of the Old Vic theater in south London between 2004 and 2015.

Spacey won Oscars for his roles in “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty,” but he was largely blacklisted from Hollywood shortly after the allegations against him became public.

The trial is expected to last approximately four weeks.

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