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Aaron Rodgers explains offseason drama with Packers in surprising and honest press conference

Finally, Aaron Rodgers takes the floor.

The Packers quarterback has confirmed he doesn’t want to enter the 2021 season as a ‘lame duck quarterback’, and given his position within the organization, he feels like ‘he wanted a bigger voice in the room regarding staff and a seat at the table.

Rodgers spoke after practice on Wednesday for the first time:

Some highlights from Rodgers’ insightful and refreshing press conference:

– The genesis: Rodgers said his issues with the Packers this offseason began with a conversation in February, in which he expressed a desire to have more to say about things that directly affected his job. He said nothing had really progressed or changed on that front, leading to a possible conversation in March:

“How I felt, ‘If you can’t commit to me after 2021, and I’m not part of the free agency recruiting process, if I’m not part of the future, instead of letting me be a lame-duck quarterback, if you want to take your chances and move on, then go ahead and do it. ‘”said Rodgers.

– Rodgers said, among other things, that he wanted to help the organization grow and learn from its mistakes; Primarily, Rodgers wanted to help the organization learn about how he felt the organization disrespected veterans outside of Green Bay. He said he was in contact with several former Packers, to see how they were treated as they left the organization.

He had a list: Charles Woodson, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, James Jones to name a few players who weren’t respected, didn’t get a contract, or didn’t get a contract when they left. Green Bay.

– Rodgers has said on several occasions that the problem with the Packers is never about money with the team, and while extension talks have taken place, he reiterated it was not money, but security with the team.

– To that end, Rodgers said the organization’s lack of discussion regarding his future with the organization after the 2021 season bothers him and is one of the main issues he has with the organization this offseason. He wouldn’t commit to wanting to play for the Packers after 2021, but he would keep an open mind.

–Rodgers mentions that he has seriously considered retiring several times during the offseason and would refuse to acknowledge whether this would be his last year with the Packers. “It’s a business – it’s an amazing opportunity to play this game – but it’s a tough business,” Rodgers said.

– About the relationship with Head Coach Matt LaFleur: “I love Matt and we had a great time together. Rodgers says he was not involved in discussions with hiring LaFleur, but their relationship is strong.

– On his relationship with Managing Director Brian Gutekunst: “I would say it’s professional at this point.”

– On his silence in the offseason: “I didn’t want to fight with this organization,” said Rodgers. He said any leaks about the drama or the rift with the team were not from him, including the bomb swap request report on the first night of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Rodgers is gearing up for another year at Green Bay, possibly the last, before switching from green and gold to potentially greener pastures.

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