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a “walkabout” not so peaceful for Emmanuel Macron?  (VIDEO) – RT in French

Images showing a passer-by insulting the president in the 18th arrondissement were posted on social networks. Some Internet users felt that the scene contrasted with the treatment of the “walkabout” presented on BFMTV.

“So you have to react shit!” : It is under boos and cries uttered against Emmanuel Macron that ended a tense exchange between a passer-by and the president who was engaged in an exercise of “crowd bath” in the 18th arrondissement of Paris on March 1.

In a short video clip posted on social networks we see the discussion turn sour after the president cuts short the reproaches of his interlocutor. “I’m not here to take your moods away, you will find someone else”, launches the annoyed head of state before turning on his heels and posing for a selfie with a young man under the cries of his opponent .

If it does not seem to have gone further, the altercation was quickly relayed by certain Internet users who were surprised, in view of this scene, of a treatment considered complacent offered by BFM TV of the presidential “crowd bath”.

“Emmanuel Macron ovationed by the young people of the 18th arrondissement …… Or by an LREM activist and by BFMTV?”, Quipped the journalist Samuel Gontier on the subject.

“BFM Vs Réalité”, posted for its part the national orator of rebellious France Julie Garnier, presenting a montage juxtaposing these images compared to those of BFMTV.

In an extract broadcast on social networks, the news channel had chosen to interview an LREM activist, who had mentioned a “very very good reception” from passers-by who would have been numerous to want to take a photo with the president . The Macronist sympathizer nonetheless evoked in his account of the event people who questioned Emmanuel Macron for “personal requests”.

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