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A thousand people protest against bioethics bill ahead of Senate debate

About a thousand people demonstrated in Paris against the bioethics bill on Sunday, January 31, during a rally called for by the associative movement Marchons, enfants !, found Agence France-Presse (AFP ). The text – including its flagship measure, the opening of medically assisted procreation (PMA) to all women – must be debated from February 2 during a second reading in the chamber of the Senate, where the opposition is the majority.

This rally follows several demonstrations organized on Saturday in France, in particular in Rennes and Angers where clashes pitted demonstrators and counter-demonstrators. Clashes also opposed supporters and opponents of the bioethics bill in Lyon, Sunday afternoon, where the police intervened to separate them.

“Paternity is not an option, and motherhood is not a benefit”, “Macron, your law, we don’t want it”… Such were the slogans taken up by the demonstrators, many of whom came with their families. On small red or green flags held by the demonstrators, one could read in particular “Confined democracy, bill to be withdrawn”.

Three-day Senate review

“They take advantage of the context to try to advance on the sly even when political life is reduced to its simplest expression, that there is no longer any real debate between the majority and the oppositions, but luckily you are there”, launched Ludovine de La Rochère, president of La Manif pour tous, from a platform overlooking the demonstrators

The text, which was adopted in second reading by the National Assembly this summer, will be examined during three days in the Senate. In particular, it provides for the opening of the assisted reproduction system to female couples and single women, but no support from Social Security for these new beneficiaries.

The medical criterion for heterosexual couples is maintained. For the children of female couples, filiation will be established with regard to the woman who gave birth by her designation in the birth certificate, while the one who did not bear the child will be established by joint recognition. .

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