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a swastika tagged on a pedestrian crossing in LGBT colors – RT in French

The mayor of the city, who speaks of a “call to hatred”, filed a complaint after the discovery on June 26 of a swastika and a male drawn on one of the four crosswalks in rainbow colors. rainbow recently inaugurated in Besançon.

Tags representing a swastika and a male sex were discovered on June 26 on a pedestrian crossing in LGBT colors in Besançon, the city said on its Twitter account, which specifies that the EELV mayor, Anne Vignot, filed a complaint on same day.

The drawings would have been affixed on the night of June 25 to 26, on the eve of the Pride March. An investigation is underway and the surveillance cameras will be used, adds France Bleu. The degraded pedestrian crossing is one of four in the city of Doubiste to have been adorned with the colors of the LGBT rainbow, an ephemeral device set up on June 21 to fight “against discrimination against LGBTQI + people ”.

Everything will be done to apprehend the perpetrators

The ecologist, leaving the police station where she lodged a complaint, spoke to our colleagues of the regional press a “gesture of extreme violence”. “It’s criminal, it’s a call to hatred, we can’t let that go,” she continued, recalling “the deportation of several thousand homosexuals” under Nazi Germany.

“Everything will be done to apprehend the authors who painted a swastika, symbol of Nazism and intolerance, in the heart of Besançon”, concluded the mayor. France Bleu adds that a swastika had already been discovered in the same district, engraved on a road sign “a few days ago”.

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