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A sulphurous rap clip shot in the Spanish cathedral of Toledo causes a scandal (VIDEO) – RT in english


The provocative images shot by rapper C. Tangana in the cathedral of Toledo provoked the ire of many Iberian commentators, as well as of the Christian community. A “purification” mass was organized on October 10.

Sensual swaying staged in the cathedral of Toledo for the needs of a clip of rapper C. Tangana caused a scandal in Spain, forcing the archbishop to apologize and a priest to resign before a mass of “purification Will be organized on October 10.

In this clip released on October 8, C. Tangana, one of the musical phenomena of the moment, dances a bachata frenzied with the Argentinian artist Nathy Peluso under the dumbfounded eyes of religious observing them behind the pillars of the cathedral. “I was an atheist, but now I believe [en Dieu], because a miracle like you can only come down from the sky ”, sings the rapper in this title entitled“ Ateo ”, which means“ atheist ”in Spanish.

Hailed by some, sacrilege for others, the video – and in particular the passage where the singer grabs the long hair of his partner and tilts his head back in a provocative posture – has reacted on social networks. “I would like to know at what price the” sacredness “of the cathedral of Toledo was sold to C. Tangana”, for example tweeted the account Fray Hernando de Talavera, named after a prelate of the 15th century, denouncing a “desecration”.

Forgiveness to all the faithful […] who rightly felt hurt by this inappropriate use of a sacred place

In a statement released the day the clip was released, the Archdiocese of Toledo asked “sincerely for forgiveness from all the faithful. […] who rightly felt hurt by this inappropriate use of a sacred place ”. The archbishop “never had knowledge” of the shooting of this clip and “disapproves of the images shot”, he assured.

The controversy continued to swell to the point of provoking the resignation of the priest who had authorized the filming. Occupying the function of titular dean of the cathedral, the latter made his mea culpa in a new press release from the archdiocese on October 12. Asking “forgiveness for the errors and faults committed in word, by action and by omission in relation to the facts of these last days”, this religious “considered it appropriate to ask” to leave on October 9 the functions which he occupied in principle until November 5. A request accepted by the archbishop who also invited the faithful to participate on October 17 in a mass in the cathedral with a view to the “purification” of the place of worship. Gothic in style, the Cathedral of Toledo is one of the most prestigious in the country and the seat of the Archdiocese of Toledo has the title of Primate of Spain.


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