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A sturgeon as big as a professional basketball center deviated from the Detroit River

If this sturgeon had sneakers and slippery pole moves, she could dominate the basketball world.

She’s already the pro-style waistline at 6 feet, 10 inches, and 240 pounds. But his age could be a problem. She is probably over 100 years old, officials say.

The “river monster,” believed to be female, was captured by a crew that surveyed the Detroit River near Grosse Ile in Michigan last week, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Bureau wrote. Alpena on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the largest lake sturgeons ever caught in the United States, according to the bureau.

Jason Fischer / USFWS / Flickr

Jennifer Johnson poses with the “once in a lifetime hold”.

While tagging the huge creature before releasing it “quickly” into the water, the crew took a photo of the fish and 5ft 6in crew member Jennifer Johnson lying side by side. A Facebook joker wrote that she could be the “Sturgeon General”.

Johnson and his colleagues from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paige Wigren and Jason Fischer, had five lines in the water last Thursday and one drawn into the whopper, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The shadow of the fish was so big, Johnson told the Free Press, she just thought, ‘Oh my God. ”

Transporting the fish on board took several minutes. “It took the three of us to hoist her over the side of the boat,” Wigren told the newspaper.

Alpena’s Office of Fish and Wildlife Conservation called it “once in a lifetime”.


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