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a student injured in 2019 during an arrest attacks the State (REPORT) – RT in French

Guilhem, a former student of the University of Mirail in Toulouse, is suing the State after an arrest in 2018 in which a grenade exploded in his back. The investigation had concluded that there was an accident.

“All I know is that a grenade exploded in my back without my understanding anything.” It is with these words that Guilhem, a former student of letters at the University of Mirail in Toulouse, described to RT France a serious injury received during an arrest in 2018.

On the night of May 8 to 9, the young man was arrested by a BAC police officer in the Matabiau station area on the sidelines of an occupation of the university by students denouncing the ORE law (Orientation and success students).

Subjected to a “choke key”, the young man was then allegedly injured by the explosion of a grenade which was placed in the pocket of the policeman who called him.

“I blame the state for having armed police officers who obviously do not know how to use their weapons or who use them disproportionately”, Guilhem, aged 27 today, told RT France .

Excluded by the IGPN investigation which concluded in an accident, the police were not prosecuted and the case is now closed. “The colleagues were completely cleared for the good and simple reason that it was an accidental triggering of the grenade which injured and the gentleman in question, Guilhem and the other police officers”, declared Philippe Payri, deputy secretary of the union FPIP Sud-Ouest police station at RT France. And the police are surprised that the young man did not go to police summons: “So he has something to be ashamed of”, he concluded, denouncing a “political” procedure.

The young man’s lawyers hope for their part that he will be “compensated” for his “physical” and “psychological” damage. “And we also ask that the State answer these questions […] Do you find it normal to use the choke technique? Do you find it normal to take out a de-encircling grenade when you are a criminal investigator? ”Declared his lawyer Claire Dujardin to RT France.

Guilhem spent six days in hospital after this injury, of which he still has physical scars and psychological after-effects, we read in an article from France 3 Occitanie.

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