A strong-handed and aesthetic speech a la Donald Trump, the keys to the launch of Joaquín de la Torre for the governorship

Patricia Bullrich and Joaquín de la Torre, in an act in Moreno

Nothing was accidental. Patricia Bullrich accompanied the official launch of the candidacy for governor of Joaquin de la Torre in an act held in Cuartel V, in Moreno, one of the most insecure neighborhoods in the suburbs. With a staging inspired by the campaign of donald trump, with hundreds of people carrying signs with slogans such as “We must put order” and “Enough of everyone.” And repeated appeals in his speeches against the unsafety in the province of Buenos Aires.

It is evident that Of the tower, former official of María Eugenia Vidal and current ally of Mauricio Macri, seeks to insert itself, hand in hand with a leader of the “hawks” like Bullrich, to that right segment of the electorate and thus promote a defined political profile to distinguish itself from the squad of candidates offered today by Together for Change in the Buenos Aires district, where Diego Santilli, Cristian Ritondo, Nestor Grindetti Y Javier Iguacel (another strong bet of bullrichism).

Most of the 2,000 attendees at the event, which took place on a property owned by the textile union, arrived by bus from neighboring San Miguel, the territory where De la Torre, its former mayor, became strong and is now following in his footsteps. Jaime Mendez, his successor and another of the indisputable figures of the afternoon. Both of them, together with Bullrich, arrived at the place greeted as Rock stars and it took them almost 15 minutes to get on stage because people were crowding to ask for handshakes, hugs and selfies.

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Posters with aesthetics of Donald Trump, in the act of Joaquín de la Torre and Patricia Bullrich
Posters with aesthetics of Donald Trump, in the act of Joaquín de la Torre and Patricia Bullrich

The three came from one Saint Michael Avenue where Kirchnerism became strong and, in the middle of a torrid afternoon and with the televisions fixed on the Brazil-Serbia match, Bullrich and De la Torre talked with several merchants in a confectionery and then they did the same in a pharmacy, a veterinarian and a dietetic. They were accompanied by Javier Iguacel, the Buenos Aires senator from JxC John Paul Allan Y Patricia Vazquez (head of the bullrichista group La Provincial), among others.

Greetings and requests for photos also multiplied during this brief tour, with appeals from passers-by to “they won’t loosen up” and some stories hard of the Buenos Aires reality: from the strong sales drop in shops (the owner of a corralón recounted that the neighbors no longer carry materials to make weekend repairs in their homes) to the dramatic economic situation of the inhabitants of the place (in addition to hunger and lack of work, there are people who asks to buy 20 or 30 pesos of food for your pets because you can’t buy a whole bag).

Bullrich, De la Torre and Iguacel were recognized and greeted with affection and without aggression in this walk through San Miguel. Single out of tune a motorist who stopped at Bullrich’s pass to ask him if he was still in favor of people being armed. “I never said that”, The head of the PRO answered without losing her smile and continued her tour, in which she approached to greet two police officers.

There were about 2,000 people at the electoral launch of Joaquín de la Torre, in Moreno
There were about 2,000 people at the electoral launch of Joaquín de la Torre, in Moreno

Then, on the spot in Moreno, the scene was set for a “strong hand” speech and none of the speakers was out of tune. De la Torre was introduced by the announcer as a candidate for governor who emerged from the Buenos Aires district and along the same lines, to differentiate himself from other “porteño” applicants, he stressed that every day he gets up and goes to sleep in the province of Buenos Aires. Aires.

The current JxC provincial senator emphasized the achievements of his management in San Miguel and said that he had developed a security system that allowed “In the last 8 years, crime has decreased by 65%” in that Buenos Aires party. He immediately highlighted that in Moreno -governed by the Frente de Todos- “there are 9 murders per 100,000 inhabitants per year and in San Miguel, 2.2”. “And it’s not that Moreno and San are divided by a field, but by a street, Martín García.”

“I know, I live here, I have experience and I know how things change, but, much more important, I say what I think”, supported by De la Torre to applause, after which he was very incisive: “I say ‘enough of all’ because it seems crazy to me that, on the agenda of progressive politicians, “everyone” is an issue when we have 40% poverty. It is an invented and ridiculous language.”

Patricia Bullrich and Joaquín de la Torre, after the act in Moreno
Patricia Bullrich and Joaquín de la Torre, after the act in Moreno

The pre-candidate for governor of bullrichism stressed that “We must put order because the province of Buenos Aires needs order in the accounts and in the streets” and he explained that if he is elected he will eliminate 10 ministries, especially women’s and the environment.” Regarding order, he pointed out: “Our pulse will not tremble to clear the streets when there is a picket and to throw out of the State those who get paid and do not work, nor to request the national forces if necessary to combat drug trafficking. We are not afraid we are not lukewarm.”

When he finished speaking, he left the ground level for Bullrich to advance with a discourse of similar characteristics. Introduced as “the future president of the Argentines”, the head of the PRO praised De la Torre for her “ability to solve problems” and, after emphasizing that “no one lives free if they have to live protected behind bars”, she pointed to Cristina Kirchner: “Now, belatedly, the Vice President of the Nation stated that she wants to deal with security, but if it took 15 years to change it; we, in 4 years, are the ones who We’re going to take care of it.”

“Our country needs order”Bullrich said, wondering: “Why do we need order? Because order is the law and the law is what makes us all equal. Before the law there cannot be those who comply with it and those who say that it does not matter to them whether or not they comply. That is why we are going to be very sweet and open with the causes that generate the problems of Argentine families, but We are going to be tough with those who, having the possibility of choosing to study or work, choose crime”.

Patricia Bullrich, with those attending the Moreno event (Photo Sergio Koltan-Prensa PRO)
Patricia Bullrich, with those attending the Moreno event (Photo Sergio Koltan-Prensa PRO)

Next, the presidential candidate detailed 3 “fundamental issues” on which he will focus his management at the Casa Rosada: the economy (to “stabilize it and lower inflation to 100%”); the education and the security. “We are going to fight so that people are not robbed every day,” he promised. Neither the cell phone, nor the property nor the most precious thing of all, life. Let’s take care of the Argentines Starting with Rosario. where today drug trafficking has co-opted the city and that cannot happen in the rest of the country”.

Bullrich also pledged to “work in the South so that there is no appropriation of national sovereignty: It cannot be that they remove the Argentine Army from the lands where they care for the country so that there are groups that settle in those places as if they were the owners”.

“The owners of Argentina are the 47 million Argentines, who need armed and security forces that are up to the task -said Bullrich-, we are going to put order in each one of them, to assert forcefully that we want security and we are going to do it as we already did”.

At the end of her speech, the former minister of Cambiemos aroused cheers when she asked the people to take to the streets if the next president is prevented from governing: “We are going to need each one of you, when you want to block us, picket or prevent a change to maintain a privilege, be a protagonist, not watch it on TV and come out next time to defend our government so that no one else runs from us. We need courage, character, sharpness in ideas”.

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