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A sale of lily of the valley a bit framed this May 1 – France

“Supporting the activity of professional florists thwarted by the health crisis seemed important to me. It started with a good intention but I made a mistake ”. The mayor of Carhaix, Christian Troadec, including the decision to locally ban the sale of thrush by individuals on the public highway, this May 1, was variously appreciated, backtracked. On Thursday, he withdrew the municipal decree made last week, against government directives made public on Monday. “In other words, before I was able to have knowledge of the rules set, at national level, by the Ministry of Agriculture”, he told us, justifying: “This contradiction would not necessarily have been understood by population. There is a strong tradition of selling lily of the valley on the public highway, whether it emanates from political or union organizations, associations, or even children. We don’t want to penalize anyone ”.

The general rule

Last year, in full confinement, the sale of lily of the valley was banned throughout the country, in florists as in the street. Only delivery and withdrawal by order had been authorized.

This year, the situation is a little different: florists and garden centers have joined the list of “essential shops”. Left open, they will be offering the traditional lucky strands for sale this Saturday.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture has let it be known that it allows associations and individuals to sell the fragrant bells, in small quantities and in compliance with sanitary rules.. Street sales (without a table or trestles but this is not new) will therefore be permitted between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., provided that no more than six people are gathered and that travel restrictions are taken into account. No question of going beyond the 10 km around your home. This also applies to picking in the woods.

Minimum recommended distances

These government directives do not prevent the mayors from prohibiting, by decree, this one-day sale on municipal space. What the mayors of Beauvais (Oise) and Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) have done this week, as a sign of support for local traders. Will they in turn change their mind?

Other cities, while allowing street sales, require remote installation of specialized signs. This is particularly the case of Guingamp (22), which has set a minimum “of forty meters”. What the florists of the center appreciate. “It’s a crucial day for us

, even if there is little margin on the lily of the valley and I only ordered 300 sprigs this year, ”says Mélaine Huet, from Mam’zelle Fleurs. “I am not against the sale for the benefit of associations but I would not find normal that individuals sell cash in front of my door, without taxes, rent or charges”, argues, for his part, Gary Brook, of the English Garden.

* Excluding the pandemic, florists totaled, on May 1, 31% of sales of thrush in France, according to panelist Kantar, a market estimated at nearly 100 million euros. The rest is provided by mass distribution (25%), markets (11%), garden centers (9%), farms (4%) and associations and individuals (20%).

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