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A resident of Tourc’h tries to bribe the gendarmes with 4,000 euros – Tourc’h

The story is funny. On Monday, a 52-year-old man living in Tourc’h (29) presented himself to the Rosporden gendarmerie with € 4,000 in small bills. The man had been checked the day before in Scaër. He had 0.87 g of alcohol per liter of blood. But the fifty-year-old is on a repeat driving offense under the influence of an alcoholic state. During the control, the latter is a little panicked and without thinking, he immediately offers the gendarmes a sum of money so as not to be fined. The soldiers put it down to alcohol. Verbalized, it is handed over to a trusted third party and “summoned the next day to be heard”, details Captain Chris Lannuzel of the Quimperlé gendarmerie company.

The money seized

On Sunday, the man speaks with the gendarmes of Rosporden and again proposes a transaction against the abandonment of the procedure. On Monday, for his summons, he presents himself with an envelope containing 4,000 euros. He then explains that he has gathered all his savings and asks the gendarmes to give him a favor. The latter then placed him in police custody for attempting to bribe a person holding public authority and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Referred to the Quimper prosecutor’s office, he accepted an appearance hearing on prior admission of guilt on Tuesday morning. The man was fined € 100, a six-month probationary suspended sentence and a five-year license cancellation. The € 4,000 with which he had tried to bribe the gendarmes were also seized. Dura lex …

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