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a Quad summit against a backdrop of “Chinese obsession” (DEBATE) – RT in French


Joe Biden held a summit with Australia, India and Japan to counter Chinese ambitions in the Indo-Pacific area. On RT France, Drieu Godefridi saw there “an infernal mechanism which is being set up” in the region.

Faced with China, the United States continues to advance its pawns in the Indo-Pacific region. Joe Biden received the Prime Ministers of India, Japan and Australia on September 24, to awaken the so-called Quad diplomatic format. Outlined after the devastating tsunami of 2004 and formalized in 2007, the “Quadrilateral Security Dialogue” has long been sleepy.

But after a virtual summit in March, the US president therefore convened again in the White House, for the first time in person, Prime Ministers Scott Morrison, Yoshihide Suga and Narendra Modi. The first two welcomed this meeting which aims according to them to promote “a free and open Indo-Pacific region”, while the Indian leader insisted on the “shared democratic values” of the four partners. “We are four top-notch democracies, with a long history of cooperation, we know how to get things done,” host Joe Biden said.

For Olivier Piton, lawyer in the United States and author of a biography of Kamala Harris, this summit illustrates “the Chinese obsession […] still patent ”from the Biden administration. On RT France, he recalled the French reaction following the cancellation of the contract for the sale of submarines with Australia, for the benefit of the United States and the United Kingdom. Paris had in the process put in scene its proximity with New Delhi, and “Prime Minister Modi had recalled the importance of military and strategic cooperation with France”, underlined the lawyer, for whom “this Quad meeting is coming strong opportunely to allow the Americans to close the loop and strengthen with the Indians, as with the Japanese and the whole of the Anglo-Saxon world this squaring of the circle which consists in reality in focusing on China ”.

Olivier Piton notes in passing that “France feeds only on words […] extremely warm ”while“ acts do not follow ”on the part of the United States. Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron indeed explained themselves on September 22, during a telephone interview, without fully reconnecting the threads of confidence. Through the voice of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the United States promised the next day to move from words to “actions” to overcome the crisis with France, while conceding, like Paris, that it would take “time “.

France found itself swept aside as collateral damage

Drieu Godefridi, doctor of philosophy and author of an essay on the United States, noted on our antenna “the perfect continuity between the policies of Joe Biden and that of Donald Trump”, namely a behavior of “steamroller” for face “the hegemonic inclinations claimed by China”. The result, believes the essayist, is “an infernal mechanism in certain respects which is being set up before our eyes”. And in which the attempted “revolt of France is considered a detail of history,” adds Drieu Godefridi on RT France.

Beyond France, it is the whole of Europe which no longer has “the same geostrategic importance as at the time of the Cold War”, replies Olivier Piton. Faced with “the rise of China” which requires “a strong response from the Americans”, “France has found itself swept aside as collateral damage”, he continued.


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