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A president slapped or insulted: how much can it cost?  – France
  • 1. Valls slapped in Lamballe: three months suspended sentence
  • On January 17, 2017, Manuel Valls, former Prime Minister and then candidate for the primary of the left, was traveling to Lamballe when he received a slap administered by a young man of 18 years. He was then sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence, to which was added 105 hours of community service. The attacker also had to pay one euro in damages to Manuel Valls, who had become a civil party. A symbolic compensation requested by the former Prime Minister.

  • 2. Sarkozy taken by the collar: six months suspended
  • While he was President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy had been violently grabbed by the collar during a walkabout, in Brax (Lot-et-Garonne), in June 2011. Tried for violence against a person responsible for the public authority which did not result in incapacity, the 32-year-old perpetrator was given a suspended six-month prison sentence, accompanied by a three-year probation , an obligation of care and a two-day citizenship course.

  • 3. “Go back to China, you Hungarian”: one month in prison
  • “Go back to China, kind of Hungarian”, had launched a protester to Nicolas Sarkozy, then Minister of the Interior, who, on January 31, 2004, in Paris, accompanied Jean-François Cope, head of the UMP list for the regional elections in Ile-de-France. The protester, who had also made other more rude remarks towards Nicolas Sarkozy and the police, had been sentenced to one month in prison.

  • 4. “Go fuck your mother” and “I’ll fuck Sarko”: one and four months firm
  • In February 2004, in Strasbourg, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was still Minister of the Interior, was insulted by a 21-year-old man who addressed the future President of the Republic by telling him this: “Sarkozy, go fuck your mother “. The author of these offensive remarks had been sentenced to one month in prison.

    Prosecuted for having declared to Nicolas Sarkozy, “I fuck Sarko, the son of a bitch”, another defendant, 19 years old, had been sentenced to four months in prison. The facts occurred in 2006 in Aubagne (Bouches-du-Rhône), where Nicolas Sarkozy was campaigning for the presidential election.

  • 5. The luckier fisherman in Guilvinec
  • On November 6, 2007, in Le Guilvinec (29), fishermen, upset against the surge in diesel prices, had reserved a rather hostile reception for President Sarkozy. One of them had launched to him: “Enc…! “. Immediate response: “Did you say that?” Well, come down and say it, come down a little! A young fisherman immediately replied: “If I go down, I’ll hit you with a ball”, not hesitating to cross a barrier before being arrested by the security services. He will not be prosecuted. He will even be invited to the Élysée…

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