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“The goal is that none of them go to the slaughterhouse.” Jacques Le Corre, poultry farmer in Lescouët-Gouarec (22) stops his activity on March 23, 2021 and puts his 4,000 hens up for adoption. “They are 18 months old, they are still laying eggs, but the cooperative system requires them to leave the henhouse after a year and that they be slaughtered. What I don’t want, ”he explains.

700 hens saved in one day

To get the message across, Jacques Le Corre went through his Facebook account. And very quickly, he found himself in the situation of the hen who found a knife that is to say “downright surprised”. “Monday morning, the post had been shared more than 1,500 times and in the evening we exceeded 39,000 shares,” he continues. Cocorico for the chickens!

Since then, the producer has spent his time on the phone. We reserve chickens for him from everywhere: Rennes, Dinan, Saint-Malo, Morlaix… A private individual from Pont-l’Abbé took 150 from him, another from the Lorient region, 200… He estimates the number of poultry at 700. could be saved in a single day. “The price is € 2 and I offer one for five purchased”. The money collected will be used to buy hay for the horses of his farm-refuge.

How to adopt?

To reserve hens, simply go through Facebook, on the page of Jacques le Corre, or via The caquetteuses (tel. 06 58 55 11 92). The aviculturist asks those interested not to come directly for health reasons and reminds that the hens can be adopted until March 23. Very busy, the operator also requires a little patience … “But I will manage to answer everyone” he concludes.

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