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a police union annoyed by the points of deal in Marseille – RT in French

A sequence from the Quotidien program of August 30 showing lookouts filtering the passage of cars at the entrance of a city in Marseille has reacted to the Union of Commissioners of the National Police who demand a law from the executive .

A report broadcast on August 30 from the Quotidien program on drug dealing points in the Flamants district, north of Marseille, made the Union of National Police Commissioners (SCPN) jump. In the television sequence, a young man masked by a scarf explains to the journalist the car filtering system at the entrance to the city to prevent the police from intervening: “Do you see Mr. Macron when he lays down his law? The people around him, all of France listened to him. They obey. People who want to go into the neighborhood, it’s the same. They obey, ”he describes.

“The police come in everywhere and intervene everywhere. It is not a barrier held by pretentious little lookouts in front of journalists that prevents it. For more efficiency it is necessary that the legislator makes the watch on a point of deal a crime! ”, Reacted the SCPN in a message on Twitter this August 31st.

15 victims of settling accounts in 2021

With 156 deal points identified in Marseille in February by the local daily Provence (220 throughout the department), ie “twice as many as post offices”, Marseille is plagued by drug trafficking which generates considerable sums: up to 80,000 euros per day in the city of Olives.

Sums that stir up greed and turf wars, with increasingly younger victims. On August 18, a gunman sprayed Kalashnikov bullets at a deal point, killing a 14-year-old. Since the beginning of the year, three people have been killed, bringing to 15 the number of victims of settling of scores since the beginning of the year, including 12 in the middle of the summer.

To fight against these networks, the Minister of the Interior has promised 300 additional police officers in Marseille by 2023, 100 of whom arrived this year in the Bouches-du-Rhône, in addition to two CRS companies (120 staff) now permanently based in the city. According to the mayor PS Benoît Payan, 800 agents of the National Police are still missing.

As an echo to the SNCP’s reaction to the Quotidien sequence, former police commander Jean-Pierre Colombiès, who grew up in the northern districts of Marseille, returned on August 26 for RT France on the recent wave of regulations of account: “From one government to another anyway, a certain left uninhibits the bosses and the right destroys the public service. It is not the cops who have abandoned these sectors, it is the State. ”

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