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A Pennsylvania man said he would find a local Democratic Party office and “ shoot ” for Donald Trump, and then he did, officials said.

Trump supporter John Hess of Centralia, Washington holds a “stop-the-steal” sign as members of the Washington National Guard, State Police and a fence surround the State Capitol in Olympia , Washington on January 17, 2021. JASON REDMOND / AFP via Getty Images

  • Anthony Nero, of Worcerster Township, Pa., Is charged with cyberstalking and online threats.

  • A Trump supporter, Nero vowed he would find a Democratic Party office and “shoot it.”

  • He is accused of firing three shots at the local Democratic headquarters in Norristown.

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A Trump supporter in Pennsylvania threatened to shoot a local Democratic Party office, bragged to party officials that it would be difficult to catch him, and then was arrested this week after apparently following up on that threat, according to a federal criminal complaint.

On January 6, the day of the pro-Trump uprising on Capitol Hill, Anthony Francis Nero, 48, took to Facebook and sent a message to an unknown recipient stating that he “would go find a local Democratic office and to win against her. LOL ”, allege the federal authorities in the complaint of March 2.

A Pennsylvania man said he would find a local Democratic Party office and “ shoot ” for Donald Trump, and then he did, officials said.

Federal Criminal Complaints Section. Federal Court documents

A day later, he took out the Montgomery County Democratic Party’s website and sent a message through their webform, federal officials said. “With this stolen election and this coup, violence is the only language the leeches understand,” he wrote, according to the complaint. “GET WRONG !! Bloody traitors. Random acts of violence are hard to investigate. Have fun.”

Less than two weeks later, on President Joe Biden’s inauguration day, three shots were fired from a window of the Democratic Party office in Norristown, appearing to be from a .45 caliber handgun. Two bullets hit a desk inside.

Nero was taken into federal custody on Wednesday and taken to a detention center, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. According to investigators, he did not hide his location using his Verizon cell phone, allowing investigators to locate him.

An FBI special agent, executing a search warrant last month, also claims that Nero did not delete his web history, which led him to auto-complete the fake email address he was using to threaten them. local Democrats: “”.

Firefox has also automatically completed the address of the Democratic headquarters in Norristown.

When local police served search warrants on Nero, he also informed them that he had a .45 caliber handgun in the trunk of his Lexus. He was charged, according to the Montgomery District Attorney’s Office, which in February charged Nero with terrorism, terrorist threats, carrying a firearm without a license and reckless endangerment.

In a surprise to the defendants, the federal government took over the case on Wednesday. Nero is scheduled to appear in federal court on Friday for a detention hearing.

According to the FBI, the man became a suspect after a confidential source informed law enforcement that he was threatening local Democratic officials.

Nero’s criminal defense attorney did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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