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A new form of pasta for your pantry

Add cascatelli – inspired by the Italian word for cascade, cascata – to your pasta vocabulary and pantry. This new form of pasta was invented after three years of research and development by Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful podcast, with the expertise of Sfoglini, a pasta company based in West Coxsackie, NY in the Valley of the ‘Hudson. The creation story was documented on Mr. Pashman’s podcast under the headline “Mission: Impastable.” He insisted on a shape that could be pierced with a fork, and that would hold the sauce well and have a good bite. Traditionally extruded pasta shapes are made by forcing the dough through a die; a new high quality bronze die was made for cascatelli. The shape is a bit larger than most short pasta, but it’s very good, especially for simpler sauces that are less rich in ingredients like marinara, carbonara, pesto and arrabbiata.

Sfoglini Cascatelli, $ 17.99 for four 16 ounce cans, order for 12 week delivery,

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