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A mobile home at your service in the Arrée mountains

Twenty kilometers and a big move. This Monday, March 1, 2021, it was a day of transhumance for the “tiny house” (rolling house), owned by the community of communes of the Monts d’Arrée. After a month in front of the town hall of Brasparts, the itinerant social living space has set course for Berrien.

It attracts “like a magnet”

Towed like a caravan, the tiny with its wooden cladding and pointed roof does not go unnoticed. “That’s the principle! Since it was launched on an experimental basis in July 2020, this new generation mobile room attracts like a magnet. Depending on whether it is placed in Huelgoat, Bolazec or Brennilis, it will not have the same framework or the same function. It’s like a new decor! “Enthuses Gurvan Guédé.

Social life animator at the Epal association, delegatee of the community of municipalities, the referent has passed the trailer license to be able to tow the famous “little house”. Before her, he had experienced a tour of services by caravan through the 12 isolated towns of the Arrée mountains, two years ago.

“Vital to relocate”

“The roaming of public services had just integrated our territory project”, confirms the former president of the community (now vice-president), Eric Prigent. “We are atypical, with our small 8,300 inhabitants over 393 km² (21 inhabitants per km², against 4,300 for Rennes!) And without public transport. It was vital to reach out to the population and relocate, ”explains the mayor of Botmeur.

The caravan had its little success, but lacked functionality. The alternative, elected officials, social and economic actors found it locally. More precisely at Ty Rodou, carpenter in Landeleau, converted into these wooden mobile homes since 2015.

” That’s a great idea ! “, Enthusiastically the Costa Rican company Galapiat, unexpectedly discovering the tiny public house of the Monts d’Arrée, in Brasparts, Monday March 1, 2021. (Le Télégramme / Sophie Prévost)

Unique in Brittany

For € 30,000 (80% funded by the Family Allowance Fund and 20% by the community of municipalities), Stéphane Grattesac released a tailor-made model, “the first that is not intended for housing” . This tiny public 2.4 t, unique in Brittany, had to be “practical, flexible, heated and connected”.

The first departure took place, from Brasparts, on July 15, 2020. Since then, history has been written with the population. “You can find a ticket office on Mondays, an Internet connection and advice on access to rights on Tuesday, then a contemporary music studio on Wednesday,” lists youth host Donovan Wall, convinced that the mobile tool ” is already changing practices ”. Additional bleachers will be delivered this summer. “What to mount ephemeral scenes, like those initiated with La Quincaille from Poullaouen last summer ”.

Despite the covid crisis and the confinements, a thousand people took advantage of the services of the tiny house over the past summer period. This Monday, March 1, the Costa Rican circus company Galapiat, scouting for a future creation, was passing by. Between alternatives, the current is immediately passed. “This trailer is a great idea”, applauds François Alaitru. “We will have to talk about it at Kikafekoi, the associative café of Langueux! “

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