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a mayor obliged by justice to authorize a Muslim school of the Millî Görüs association – RT in French

The mayor of Albertville is forced by the administrative court of Grenoble to grant a building permit to the Islamic Confederation Millî Görüs for the construction of a school on a land of 4000 m2 adjoining the Turkish mosque in the city.

The Islamic Confederation Millî Görüs (CIMG) is once again talking about it. The administrative court of Grenoble forced the mayor of Albertville, in Savoy, to authorize the construction of a private Muslim primary school wanted by this organization close to Turkey.

The decision rendered on April 6 cancels the refusal of the building permit, which had been filed in 2019 by the association to set up a school of 400 students in this city of approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The court ruled that the town-planning reasons put forward by the town hall, namely a lack of parking spaces compared to the size of the building, were not admissible. He gives the latter two months to issue the building permit.

In a column published on April 9 by Le Figaro, the unlabeled mayor Frédéric Burnier-Framboret deeply regretted this decision, considering himself “powerless” to “counter the establishment of associations or companies led by foreign powers, which favor a crystallization of identity in the heart of our territories “. Recourse to the Town Planning Code was “the only legislative means” at its disposal to oppose the construction of this school, he told AFP.

City councilor Laurent Graziano, at the head of the opposition in Albertville but supporting the mayor on the subject, confirmed to Marianne that “the law offers very few possibilities at the local level to oppose this type of project”. “The only criteria we could invoke were urban planning,” he said.

A school which “can only encourage communitarianism”

The school would occupy 4,000 m2 of land adjoining the city’s Turkish mosque, managed by the local CIMG branch, in an area classified as a priority district. “The planned school group will include 16 classes, a dining hall, a kitchen, a gymnasium. The capacity of this establishment will amount to 400 students in total, which represents a quarter of the 1,200 schoolchildren in our municipality, ”describes the city councilor in his forum.

The installation of this establishment could lead in the rest of the city to “the closure of several classes, or even eventually of a public school” in Albertville, he continues, adding that a smaller project “could have be discussed ”. But the mayor says he has been opposed to “an end of inadmissibility” as to possible negotiations on the part of the CIMG.

The Millî Görüs association is also at the origin of a controversial mosque project in Strasbourg for which the ecological municipality voted on March 22 the “principle” of a subsidy of more than 2.5 million euros, s ‘attracting criticism from the government and the right. The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin had pointed out “a federation which refused to sign the charter of the principles of the Islam of France and which defends a political Islam”, and which he equates to “a foreign interference on our soil” . For his part, the government spokesperson Gabriel Attal had judged that Millî Görüs went “against the values ​​of the Republic” and had “no vocation to organize activities, to exist in the Republic”, without however announcing the dissolution of this organization. Millî Görüs has also submitted a project for a “prayer room” to the services of the City of Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin).

On April 8, during the examination of the bill on “separatism”, the Senate voted on a government amendment which provides for obliging communities to inform the prefect, three months in advance, before any subsidy for construction. of a place of worship. The next day, April 9, in the local weekly Savoy, Frédéric Burnier-Framboret asked the Parliament to adopt “adapted legislative provisions to allow the mayors to counter the installation of associations or companies piloted by foreign powers which favor a crystallization of identity in the heart of our territories”. The planned school in Albertville “can only encourage communitarianism”, he lamented to AFP. The opposition municipal councilor Laurent Graziano abounded, in Marianne, on the powerlessness of the town hall: “It is legally impossible for a municipality to prohibit the establishment of a private school outside the contract as long as there is no proven violation of the values ​​of the Republic or of disturbance of public order. But as long as the school is not open, proving an attack on the values ​​of the Republic is very difficult. ”

The mayor’s words are “as biased as they are inaccurate,” replied Fatih Sarikir, president of CIMG France, in a statement sent to the press agency on the evening of April 9. He explains that the planned school “will be neither” Islamist “nor” Turkish “” but “a denominational school out of contract as there are already so many in France, mostly Catholics or Jews”, and says he hopes that his establishment may enter into a contract after the legal period of five years. The manager brushes aside the argument of school competition, except for wanting to “close all private schools”, and denounces, behind the “pretext” of parking to block his project, “the hypocrisy” of Frédéric Burnier-Framboret and a ” obsession with [les] origins ”of his community.

“I am not the representative of a foreign country. I’m as French as you are, no offense, ”concludes Fatih Sarikir.

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