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a May 1st marked by clashes between demonstrators and the police – RT in French

In Berlin, around 30,000 demonstrators with various demands marched on May 1 before clashes broke out with the police. More than 350 arrests were recorded.

In Berlin, around 30,000 demonstrators marched on May 1 to mark Labor Day. Twenty processions with various demands (against health measures, against rising rents, against migration policy, etc.) took to the streets of Berlin throughout the day.

If the demonstrations took place essentially peacefully, the situation degenerated at nightfall, involving in particular “Black blocs” who attacked the police and caused damage and fires in the area. public highway.

Quoting the Interior Ministry of the City-State of Berlin, AFP reports that the German police carried out around 350 arrests while at least 93 members of the security forces were injured.

The police faced jets of Molotov cocktails and stones, the firefighters having to intervene to extinguish fires started voluntarily on the public highway. The police also deployed water cannons and used tear gas to disperse the crowd. “Violence during rallies is absolutely unacceptable,” reacted Barbara Slowik, head of the Berlin police, specifying that the situation had “degenerated” but that it had been quickly “under control”.

Tensions also in Hamburg and Frankfurt

According to the police, the situation escalated when the police dispersed “Black blocs”. “Violent clashes” then occurred, with demonstrators throwing bottles and stones at the police while others lit garbage containers or wooden pallets on the road.

“Violence, hatred and ignorance have no place in our society, neither on May 1, nor on any other day”, declared the mayor of Berlin Michael Mueller quoted by AFP. On the side of the demonstrators, a dozen of them were injured following “unjustified beatings” by the police, according to the organizers. Local authorities had anticipated these outbursts and had deployed 5,600 people in fear of these tensions.

Other protests in Hamburg and Frankfurt also ended with arrests. The police also used water cannons to disperse the demonstrators who were throwing projectiles.

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