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A marriage agency in the motorhome to travel the roads of love

Sylvie Bourhis, former pharmacy assistant, negotiated a big professional turn in 2012, taking over Unicis marriage agency, from Brest. At present, it manages five other agencies: in Morlaix (29), Lannion (22), Saint-Brieuc, Loudéac (22) and Dinan (22). Contrary to what one might think, dating sites have not sounded the death knell for this profession. “For the past ten years, activity has again been strong,” explains Sylvie Bourhis. Many people looking for a real lasting relationship call on our services. They are 25 to 85 years old and have very different social profiles ”.

The shutdown of confinement

On the internet, according to her, there are a lot of obstacles to avoid: those who are simply looking for a one-night stand, the grazers who try to trick you, the fake profiles. “With us, none of that. With each new customer, we start with an interview lasting around two hours. In order to deepen his request and better understand his wishes. But also better understand his personality ”. In March 2020, during the first confinement, Sylvie Bourhis’ activity was completely at a standstill. “People could not come to the city in an agency. We closed for two months. It was horror ”.

On the strength of this first experience, and swearing that we would not repeat it, the idea of ​​creating a mobile agency, to reach out to its customers, germinated in Sylvie Bourhis’ mind. “That’s how I invested in a motorhome. And I don’t regret it for a moment. It’s been a month since I received those who are looking for a soul mate ”.

(The Telegram / Didier Déniel)

It is my customers who choose where I park. Some choose the seaside, a little corner of the countryside. It’s like a cocoon

According to Sylvie, this type of vehicle lends itself perfectly to these in-depth interviews where people are led to engage in, to tell their sometimes painful personal story. “It is my customers who choose where I park. Some choose the seaside, a little corner of the countryside. Others, supermarket parking lots for more discretion. It depends. In any case, we are never disturbed. It’s like a cocoon ”.

Primordial in this troubled time

A few months ago, Sylvie did not know anything about motorhomes. She is unbeatable now. “I found the model I had imagined, with two large and comfortable benches facing each other. My vehicle is equipped with a good heater for the harsh winter days. I even had an electric converter installed to have 220 volts and make coffee. More than ever, in this troubled time, love is essential, ”she concludes.

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