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A little favor before their first date

Dara Silverman got to know Erik Leibovitz for 15 minutes after logging into J-Swipe in July 2015, when he asked a question that caught her off guard.

“Can you do me a favor?” said Leibovitz, 30, vice president of global partnerships and business development at Monumental Sports & Entertainment in Washington.

Ms Silverman, also 30 and vice president of cybersecurity operations at JP Morgan Chase in Washington, prepared.

“I was like, ‘What’s wrong with this guy, is he going to ask me to get his mail? “, She recalls.” I had no idea what was on his mind.

So Mr. Leibovitz, who graduated from Bates College with a degree in rhetoric, took an informed risk and asked the kind of question that might have made him the news yesterday.

“I know you have to make a lot of guys try to take you on dates,” he said. “Do me a favor and don’t go on any other dates until you let me out – give me a chance.”

Ms Silverman said she had fewer social options than Mr Leibovitz might have imagined.

“I had just finished my graduate studies at Florida State University, got a master’s degree in public health from the University of Georgia, and moved to Washington,” said Ms. Silverman.

“My furniture truck hadn’t even arrived yet,” she added. “I knew as a new person in my new neighborhood, the CVS cashier in my new neighborhood.

She therefore followed his request.

“At the time, we were both 25,” said Ms. Silverman. “I just thought that in the worst case scenario he was looking for a relationship, but in the best case scenario he was looking to find someone he really loved, and maybe hoped for a serious relationship.

A week later, Mr. Leibovitz was hoping to make a reservation for dinner at a French Washington restaurant, Le Diplomate, which happened to be his favorite.

Unfortunately, it was July 14 and the restaurant had been booked. But Mr Leibovitz will not be denied and once again leaned on his expertise in rhetoric and made his way to a table for two. Ms Silverman said they “sat there and talked for hours about life, love, work and family.”

Before the check arrived, Mr. Leibovitz knew he had found the woman, and soul mate, he had searched for all his life.

“There was absolutely no doubt that it was her, without a doubt,” he said. “She’s so smart and super bubbly and had the biggest personality it was easy to open up to her, and that’s why every time we spoke it was usually for hours.

They were married by singer Lisa Segal on April 24 at the Club in Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter, Florida.

They had originally planned to tie the knot on November 7, 2020 in South Florida with 250 guests. But the coronavirus has changed those plans.

“Looking back, I’m glad I did Erik this favor,” the bride laughs. “In the end, he was doing me a huge favor as well.”

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