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A hundred people gathered in Lyon to support the vaccination against Covid-19 – RT in French

A hundred people gathered on August 30 in Lyon to express their support for the vaccination against Covid-19. The initiator of this event, Jacques Boucaud, deplores the fact that little is heard from those who are in favor of it.

A demonstration intended to support vaccination took place in France on August 30 at around 6 p.m. Called “Citizen Fraternity, all vaccinated for shared freedom”, it mobilized around a hundred people in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon. “I am pro-vaccine and I feel good”, or “Being vaccinated = freedom”, could we read among the slogans brandished by the participants.

We do not hear those who believe that vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic

According to comments reported by France 3, Jacques Boucaud did not hide his exasperation about the weekly demonstrations against the health pass or the compulsory vaccination against the Covid: “During the month of August, we saw every Saturday the manifestations of antivax. But we do not hear those who believe that vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic ”.

The former journalist also believes that the health pass is an “essential” measure to fight against the virus. “Moreover, from my experience as a citizen, I was able to observe that the controls at the entrance to the places concerned go rather well, I did not observe any particular tension”, he assured.

While this is the first rally in favor of vaccination in France, the country is experiencing a strong mobilization of opponents of the health pass, who demonstrated in several cities in France for the 8th consecutive weekend. If the Ministry of the Interior had counted 160,000 people mobilized in total on this occasion, the collective Le Nombre Jaune put forward the larger figure of 323,294 people.

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