A house for his mother: the fact that made “El Rengo” fall, the last fugitive from the robbery in Galerías Pacífico and Patio Bullrich

Video: the arrest of “El Rengo” Bustos

On September 12 of last year, in the middle of the PASO day, three armed criminals They entered the Galerías Pacífico shopping mall, They smashed the window of the renowned Testorelli jewelry store with hammers and stole 30 high-end watches. Three months later, on December 18, a group of hooded men with long weapons entered the Sensation Du Temps jewelry store at the Patio Bullrich shopping center and again, they escaped with fancy watches.

Justice was able to establish that both episodes were related and in less than two months managed to dismantle almost 100% of the gang, including their leaders. Only one was missing: Cristian Horacio Bustos, alias “El Rengo”. Finally, he was arrested on Tuesday for the city police.

As confirmed by police sources Infobae, the role of “Rengo” within the band was of great importance. He was in charge of providing the organization with vehicles to specify the robberies. With respect to the assaults, it was possible to verify that they were committed by at least four people using a Volkswagen Polo, a Peugeot 308 and a Kawasaki Versys motorcycle.

According to research, which included observation of security cameras, field work and intense monitoring, the agents managed to establish that Bustos was the one who was driving the Volkswagen Polo at least in the event that occurred in December. But it wasn’t the only thing. In addition, they discovered that during the coup in Galerías Pacífico, three months earlier, A VW Polo participated, just like the one the “Rengo” was driving, so they assume that the 41-year-old man was also present that day.

Part of the items seized from “Rengo”

It was so Division staff robberies and theft of the city police received instructions from the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 3 to carry out an investigation to find the fugitive.

According to the direction the thieves took in their flight, a timeline was observed through the cameras of the Urban Monitoring Center (CMU) of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Justice and Security, as well as the municipal chambers of San Martín and San Isidro. Thanks to these data, they discovered that he had been stationed in the San Martín party.

After carrying out covert observation tasks, the identity of the driver of the Volkswagen Polo was established: It was “Lame” Bustos, who also used to get around on a black motorcycle similar to the one that had participated in the robberies and in a silver gray Volkswagen Golf..

Finally, the investigators arrived at a home located in the neighborhood “El Ceibo”in the town of La Lucila, Vicente López district of Buenos Aires, where it was determined that The fugitive passed the night with his partner. In addition, they also discovered that he frequented a house of Villa Ballester, owned by a friend.

Shortly after the coup in Patio Bullrich, members of the Special Investigations Command of the Federal Police achieved the arrest of Mariano José “El Rubio” Zambrano, indicated as the leader of the band that committed both robberies. for those robberies Gonzalo and Lucas Zambrano, brother and son of the leader, respectively, had already been detained. Almost a month later, the investigators of the City Police discovered an element of great importance that linked Bustos with the leader of the organization.

The ammunition that was seized
The ammunition that was seized

Then came the collection of data and the digital life of the suspect. As a result of the survey of social network profiles, it was possible to establish that the “Lame” had the same physiognomic characteristics as the criminal they were looking for, and that he appeared in the videos of the escape.. This is how they came to the conclusion that he was part of the Zambrano gang and that his role within it was to supply the vehicles.

In this sense, personnel from the Robbery and Theft Division, in cooperation with members of Community Police Station 1 of the City Police, established a discreet guard in La Lucilainside the “El Ceibo” neighborhood, where they saw a white Fiat 500 manned by the suspect. After confirming that it was the same person, the authorities set up a lockdown operation at the intersection of Ramseyer and Bermúdez streets to catch him..

Seeing himself surrounded, Bustos tried to escape and carried out a maneuver that ended with a collision with a metal sewer.

In the procedure they seized among his belongings 5,000 false dollars (in bills of 100)two black and one blue, two black Bermuda, two blue tampers, a sports short, two backpacks, two pairs of slippers, three pairs of gloves, two screwdrivers, three pairs of lenses, a cell phone, documentation and a key a motorcycle.

The car, who did not have impediments, was kidnapped at the request of the court, which also endorsed everything that was done by the police personnel and ordered the transfer of the accused to the police station, as a solitary confinement. It also granted four warrants to search the homes under investigation.

This was one of the robberies committed by the gang

It was then that the officers went to two houses in the town of Villa Ballester, which had negative results, and to two properties in the “El Ceibo” neighborhood. In one of them, where the girlfriend of “Rengo” lived, The troops found Documentation of the Volkswagen Golf involved in the robberies to jewelry, a balance, two cell phones, two motorcycle helmets, 4 grams of cocaine, 30 grams of marijuana and 2200 dollars apocryphal. In the other house, 53 22-millimeter pistol ammunition was found.

Bustos was born 41 years ago is as an unoccupied and his domicile is on the Moreno street of Villa Ballester. His mother, according to the investigators, was about to buy a new house with “savings” that her son gave her. This data hastened the investigation, since they assumed that the new property would be acquired to make a new escape and remain a fugitive..


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