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a few thousand demonstrators gathered in solidarity with Colombia – RT in French

A few thousand people gathered in Paris, as in many cities around the world, to express their solidarity with the demonstrators in Colombia, victims of a violent repression by the government of Ivan Duque.

The Colombian community of France, the associations of solidarity with Latin America and the yellow vests converged on May 8 in Paris to show their solidarity with the Colombian people mobilized massively for ten days against the liberal policy of President Ivan Duque ( radical right).

Place de la République, a few thousand of them showed their support for the violently repressed Colombian demonstrators, in particular in Bogota (capital, center) and Cali (southwest).

A large-scale social protest movement started in Colombia on April 28 after President Ivan Duque announced a tax reform that provided for “an increase in VAT on basic goods and the expansion of income tax ”, explains Christophe Ventura, researcher at IRIS. “It is a reform which organized the increase in indirect tax, by placing the burden on the popular and middle classes, and income tax,” adds this specialist in Latin America.

On April 28, tens of thousands of exasperated Colombians took to the streets and the government was forced to abandon its reform project a few days later, on May 2. The next day, the Minister of Finance resigned as a corollary.

But despite this, the street does not take off. The violent repression which resulted in the death of at least 37 people according to the NGO Temblores and caused hundreds of wounded and at least 89 missing, triggered great anger among the demonstrators. The mobilized population now challenges the government, denounces unemployment and poverty which has reached record figures with 40% of the population below the poverty line and 15% living in extreme poverty. The criminality that has plagued Colombian society for 50 years is also a source of rejection on the part of Colombians.

In addition to Paris, demonstrations were held in several cities of the world in solidarity with the Colombian people mobilized as in New York, Washington, Brussels or Madrid.

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