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a Facebook fact checker forced to correct itself – RT in French

“Fact Checkers Lie for Democrats”: PolitiFact, a Facebook fact checker, was forced to correct after falsely reporting a post from Candace Owens that said Joe Biden was not president-elect.

“A few weeks ago, Facebook censored one of my posts that correctly stated that Joe Biden is not president-elect. So I involved lawyers. Conclusion? PolitiFact “decensored” my post and admitted that they lied when they flagged my post as bogus. The fact checkers lie for the Democrats ”. In a message posted on Twitter on November 28, 2020, conservative political commentator Candace Owens congratulated herself on forcing PolitiFact, a fact-checker who works with Facebook, to publish a fix.

PolitiFact had indeed qualified as “false” a video of Candace Owens released on November 13, in which it stressed that contrary to what the media may say, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden was not yet president-elect. As long as Donald Trump has not conceded victory and his multiple legal appeals have not been resolved, there is no declared winner in the presidential election. The “elected president” will not be appointed until December 14, when the Electoral College begins to meet to make its choice, as required by the Constitution of the United States.

“Correction: PolitiFact initially called this video fake in our capacity as a third party fact checker for Facebook. On November 20, an appeal of this decision was made on behalf of Ms. Owens. PolitiFact approved the appeal, determining that a correction was appropriate, and deleted the report, ”PolitiFact said in a message posted on Facebook.

“They didn’t just call my post bogus, they wrote an entire article explaining why Joe Biden IS the president-elect,” again pointed out Candace Owens, calling Facebook fact checkers “communist” and promising to sue them for their lies.

The attitude of social networks on the presidential election has been under fire from critics from the Republican camp for weeks. As the United States descends into an electoral imbroglio, many of Donald Trump’s tweets are accompanied by a window questioning the veracity of the outgoing president’s remarks. A decision shared by Facebook and YouTube and publicly denounced by the tenant of the White House.

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