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a deputy, his demons and his immunity

By Ariane Chemin and Nicolas Chapuis

Posted today at 05:59 am, updated at 06:16 am

” No no. I am not Mr. Simian. “ In front of the gendarmes of Ludon-Médoc, a village of Gironde which has more stocks than inhabitants, the tall dark-haired thirty-something, cap pulled down over his eyes, swears that he is ” salesman “. Difficult for the military not to doubt: he also wears a protective mask against the Covid-19. But this August 30, 2020, the man forgot a detail. His National Assembly badge, with name and photo, hangs around his neck: “Benoit Simian”, deputy of the 5e constituency of the Gironde.

Despite the ban on showing up to the marital home, the 37-year-old elected official has just tried to enter the property of Ludon-Médoc where his ex-partner, Soraya Simian lives. His excuse of the day? He has to sell jars of honey (his father is a beekeeper) in the small outbuilding located at the end of the garden which he had made his parliamentary office. Faced with the cautious gendarmes, he changed his strategy. ” What am I doing here ? “, he asks, looking hazy. Since recent hypnosis sessions, he apologizes, he suffers “Amnesia”.

Protection order

This playlet could make you smile. For justice, it reveals a very worrying situation. Since August 3, the deputy’s wife has been the subject of a protection order, revealed by Mediapart, forbidding her husband to approach her and enter the house. On September 10, she was even given a telephone serious danger, intended to give the alert in case of emergency. But the procedure opened for harassment, it is bogged down. The National Assembly refused on December 9 the request of the prosecutor of Bordeaux to lift the immunity of this member of the finance committee. He cannot be taken into custody or be searched. “As Mr. Simian has always responded to invitations, explains Annie Genevard, the deputy Les Républicains du Doubs who carried the file, the bureau decided unanimously with two abstentions not to waive his immunity. “

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According to information from World, Mr. Simian however tried on various occasions to avoid his hearings or to cut them short. He dodged for several weeks the notification of the protection order prohibiting him from going to his home and regularly violated this court decision. “With a quarter of what he did, anyone would have been placed in police custody, but he is protected by the Assembly”, sighs a judicial source.

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