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a department of the Paris prefecture refuses a promotion major – RT in French

According to information from Le Point, the DSPAP service of the Paris police headquarters refused to integrate a police officer who had finished major in his promotion following a decision by the director, Valérie Martineau.

In an article published on January 22, the magazine Point reports a real “snub to meritocracy”: the director of security and proximity to the Paris agglomeration (DSPAP) of the Paris police headquarters, Valérie Martineau, would have personally refused to integrate a young police officer major of his promotion.

According to the weekly, it is however a tradition: in theory, “the police officer arriving in pole position chooses the destination of his first assignment”.

And Point to specify that “according to a source at the DSPAP, the head mentioned the lack of experience of the young man to integrate a service very requested in recent years”, in this case the Parisian security and intervention company, the famous CSI75.

The newspaper points to another paradox. According to information from Point, another service of the Paris police prefecture could finally hire the police officer in question in the near future, and not just any: the office of the prefect Didier Lallement in person.

The police union VIGI-MI regrets a “race to the bottom”

Police union VIGI-MI lamented: “Even the best in the national police are demeaned. Stop the race to the bottom. “

This recruitment case, as minimal as it is, comes in a context of identity crisis within the police house and highlights the difficulties linked to the question of recruitment in this branch of the public service.

A survey of Parisian had recently demonstrated that the new recruits of the national police force, particularly in Ile-de-France, no longer met as much as in the past certain elementary requirements due to a lowering of the entry criteria for the competitive examination and a need constantly renewed to hire in the Ile-de-France region.

This phenomenon has increased since the staff reduction imposed under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy between 2007 and 2012. And if the series of Islamist attacks that hit France between 2012 and 2016 (especially the attacks of 2015) some vocations, this effect could have dried up, according to police sources contacted by RT France.

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