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A complaint against X filed after the pollution with slurry in the Penzé, in Taulé [Vidéo] – The polluted Penzé

A few days after the accidental slurry pollution from a stream flowing into the Penzé, Europe Écologie les Verts (EELV) reacted with a press release on Tuesday, April 6. “Accident or negligence? “Wonders the party, which denounces” less and less regulatory requirements for breeding, a clear reduction in official means of controlling installations (…), the priority given to employment and growth “.

Greens demand financial sanctions

“The risk of sanctions is not dissuasive and pollution always costs less for the culprits than good management of their installations”, deplore the Greens, who point to “the regional money (which) flows freely to the agro-industries. -industrial (…) despite the very heavy impact of repeated pollution on the environment ”. EELV concludes by calling “for the financial sanctions to be equal to the damage caused and for public money to be directed exclusively towards sustainable agricultural transition projects”.

Complaint against X of the Finistère CLCV

For its part, the consumer defense association CLCV of Finistère (Consumption, housing, living environment) also reacted, Tuesday, on its website, denouncing this pollution of the Penzé which resulted “A significant mortality of salmon, trout and eels and a prohibition of swimming and fishing on foot on the surrounding municipalities, including that of Carantec.

This river pollution “occurs at the start of the major public consultation on water (which will take place between March 1 and September 1, 2021) launched by the Loire Bretagne Agency to regain the quality of the water, to which the CLCV du Finistère is joining forces to raise awareness among consumers and invite them in particular to drink tap water, ”writes the association.

This is why the CLCV “lodged a complaint against X in application of articles L 216-6 and L 432-2 of the environment code”.

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