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a centrist deputy brandishes a joint in full session in the Assembly – RT in French

During questions to the government, the elected François-Michel Lambert, of the Libertés et Territoires group, wished to defend the “controlled legalization” of cannabis by showing a joint. A moment that created friction in the Assembly.

Sometimes an ally of the majority, sometimes opposed, François-Michel Lambert of the Liberties and Territories group created a media buzz in the Hemicycle on May 4, during traditional questions to the government.

The centrist, defender of the legalization of cannabis, indeed brandished a cup decorated with a logo in the shape of a marijuana leaf, before exhibiting the joint it contained.

“Just showing this goblet might worry me […] to show the legalization of cannabis, ”he says, eliciting the first reactions from his colleagues. “The simple act of pulling out a joint could also create scandal. So Mr. Minister, are you ready for a debate without instrumentalizing […] rational, far from emotions? ”he concludes, under the gaze of the deputies and the President of the Assembly, Richard Ferrand.

The elected to the perch notably tried to reason François-Michel Lambert by telling him that it was forbidden by the regulation “to brandish this type of object”. “Mr. Lambert, I remind you of the rules and it will be recorded in the minutes,” continued Richard Ferrand. Gérald Darmanin then took the floor. “All these mothers and fathers who fight every day to explain to their children that it is shit what they take in their veins and that they smoke”, reacted in particular the Minister of the Interior .

“I cannot show here, mister the deputy, all these people who fight against cancers, who fight against depressive illnesses who do not resist these difficulties because there are permissive speeches, and allow me to say it, sir, a little demagogic in your words, ”also declared Gérald Darmanin who sees inconsistencies in the rhetoric of François-Michel Lambert. The minister has indeed castigated the political ambiguity of the parliamentarian who voted at the start of the five-year term to increase the price of a packet of cigarettes in the name of the fight against cancer and who now defends the legalization of a soft drug.

During his speech, François-Michel Lambert recalled that France had “five million cannabis consumers”, denouncing the fact that “dealers sell[aient] adulterated products ”having consequences on the health of individuals. “The whole repressive is a total failure […] state-controlled legalization would allow […] to dry up trafficking, to create tax revenue and jobs, ”he argued, taking the example of“ legal drugs like tobacco or alcohol ”.

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